Finchtail by Believe in, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Visual identity and packaging designed by Believe In for Finchtail and its mobile phone and tablet stand

Finchtail is dedicated to the design and manufacture of simple, useful and sustainable solutions to everyday problems. Its first product, a low-cost, flat-packed card tablet and mobile phone stand, features a distinctive brand identity and packaging design treatment developed by UK based graphic design studio Believe in. Monospaced type and corrugated card sit alongside die cut detail, white ink, a bold pattern and a bright dyed board, carefully balancing moments of utility, quality and aesthetic flourish. Alongside visual identity and packaging design, Believe in went on to create point-of-sale, website, marketing materials and a stop-frame video in collaboration with Thank You Mam.

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Rhinoshield designed by Bravo

Brand identity and packaging by Bravo Company for high impact screen protector Rhinoshield

Rhinoshield is a smartphone and tablet screen protector—funded by a Kickstarter campaign created by Evolutivelabs—with a shock-damping layer that is able to withstand up to five times the impact energy of Gorilla Glass 2.

Developed by Bravo, Rhinoshield’s brand identity—which included a logo, logo-type and packaging combination—mixes the heavy industry aesthetic of a bold black and yellow colour palette, stencil cut letters and oversized typography with the resilience associated with crash test dummies, the research-based reliability of the iconography, lighter line weights and the photography across the website to achieve a solid mix of robustness and technology.

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