Fort Point Beer Co. by Manual, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Package design for Fort Point Beer Company by San Francisco based graphic design studio Manual

Fort Point is a San Francisco-based small batch craft beer company that references traditional styles yet is firmly rooted in the present, and has a philosophy that values craftsmanship and innovation, creativity and technique. In 2015, working with local graphic design studio Manual, Fort Point launched a new graphic identity and packaging system to unite its expanding range.

Fort Point’s forward-thinking, fast-growing and innovative nature, but also its acknowledgement of traditional processes, recipes and craft, as well as its location—not far from Fort Point National Historic Site and overlooked by the Golden Gate bridge—plays out across its packaging. This is characterised by the current favour for monolinear and geometric illustration, a flexible and expanding modular arrangement, engraved type and an unusual mix of girders and landscapes, the natural and the industrial. This post was updated November 2017 with new images, and shots of Fort Point’s latest brews.

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