M+ Screenings by Project Projects, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branding for Hong Kong festival M+ Screenings by Project Projects, United States

M+ Screenings is an event that showcases a diverse collection of work unified by one theme and single screen. It is an ongoing event that takes place over one weekend three times a year. The first of these, Visible Places, took place in mid-January at the Broadway Cinematheque, which is located within Hong Kong’s West Kowloon Cultural District, the second, Forty Years, in March, with the third to follow later this year.

Project Projects, a New York based graphic design studio that specialises in the art, architecture, education and cultural sectors, worked with M+ Screenings to devise a visual identity for its events that would unite a broad variety of print collateral and digital assets. These included, but not limited to, posters, flyers, program booklets, large-format billboards and online banners.

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James Cohan Gallery by Project Projects, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and business cards for New York contemporary art gallery James Cohan by graphic design studio Project Projects

James Cohan is a contemporary art gallery with two locations in New York, one in Lower East Side and the other in Chelsea. Recent exhibitions have included work by artists such as Mernet Larsen, Fred Tomaselli and Beatriz Milhazes, with Philip Hanson and Omer Fast to follow later this year.

The gallery recently collaborated with American graphic design studio Project Projects to develop a new visual identity. This went on to include custom logotype, business cards, stationery and website, as well as print for the inaugural exhibition of early drawings and sculptures by artist Robert Smithson.

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Egeran designed by Project Projects

Logo design by Project Projects for conceptual art gallery Egeran

“Owned by art dealer Suzanne Egeran and based in Istanbul, Egeran Galeri represents a mix of emerging and established artists, both Turkish and international, within a program rooted in traditions of conceptual art. Located on the coast of the Bosphorus strait and designed by Sanal Architecture, the gallery carries distinctive architectural characteristics, with diagonal walls that disrupt the space from a conventional geometry.”

“Taking these defining traits as a foundation for the Egeran identity system, Project Projects designed a wordmark which is itself comprised of modernist grotesque letterforms, each broken into delicate fragments by elegantly intersecting diagonals. Applied on front door signage, a stencil version based upon these custom typographic elements translates the graphic identity back to a physical, visceral dimension.” – Project Projects

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