Fever-Tree by B&B Studio, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Package design by London based B&B Studio for premium natural tonic and soft drink mixer brand Fever-Tree

Responding to the continued and widespread use of preservatives, artificial sweeteners and cheap aromatics, Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow combined their experience of the beverage and luxury food industries to develop a tonic made from natural high quality ingredients. Since its launch in 2005, under the brand Fever-Tree—the colloquial name for the cinchona tree, source of quinine, a key ingredient in tonic—the range has grown year on year and now includes a variety of soft drink mixers alongside its tonic waters.

Experiencing growth and critical acclaim, Fever-Tree worked with London based B&B Studio to refresh its package design and secure a prouder more contemporary aesthetic more in line with its premium positioning. The studio’s approach is a sensitive revision, replacing type, improving colour and addressing proportion alongside a more proprietary logotype treatment.

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StrangeLove Organic Energy Drink by Marx Design

Opinion by Richard Baird & Seth Rowden

Packaging featuring illustration by Randy Mora and designed by Marx Design for Australian soft drink brand StrangeLove

StrangeLove is an Australian energy drink creator with a four flavour range made up of Ginger Beer, Blood Orange & Chilli, Smoked Cola and Bitter Grapefruit. Although mass-produced, each variety has been crafted to taste homemade using high quality organic ingredients, and developed in response to other energy drink brands who have failed to live up to their premium positioning. Keen to avoid the visual tropes of the category and secure a witty, eye-catching and original look, Marx Design worked with StrangeLove to improve on the illustrative brand character established by their earlier bottles using simpler compositions, plenty of white space and sharp copywriting.

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RoandCordials designed by RoandCo

Self-initiated promotional packaging and letter-pressed labels created by multi-disciplinary design studio RoAndCo

Towards the end of 2011, as part of a thank you to clients, friends and collaborators, multi-disciplinary design studio RoandCo created RoAndCordials, a ginger syrup gift packed and branded under a classic medicinal theme.

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