Schepps Dairy by Michael Garrett

Packaging by Michael Garrett for Texas dairy Schepps' new range of infused milks

Schepps is a Texas dairy founded in 1942 with only a single truck and filling machine, today it has grown to become one of the largest dairies in the US producing over 6 million gallons of milk a month. As part of an effort to diversify their range Schepps approached designer Michael Garrett to brand and package a new infusion line that would deliver a more sophisticated proposition to the market.

This is a great design solution to the premiumisation of milk that cleverly blends (in a possible visual analogy to the nature of the product) classic black and white dairy references, elegant line work and a very nice glass bottle and cork structural aesthetic. The typographical work is really nicely handled both on the logo-type and product varieties appearing well balanced throughout. The contrasting matt black and polished white textures add an interesting wet and dry finish to the traditional glass milk bottle which should help to define a new category.

  • I’m not entirely convinced by the execution of the milk splash crown above the logo-type, the design probably could have done without it but it’s only a small point.

  • I see what you mean. Perhaps reversed the other way would have been better, so white is the more dominant colour. But then they were probably trying to get away from the traditional milk bottle design. I like the style though. Very classy. Certainly makes milk look more appealing.

    • Hi Jinny thanks for your comment, I agree the dominance of the black helps to separate it from other milk products while retaining much of the dairy aspect. I could imagine reversing the black and white elements to expand the range into a middle market proposition in the future.

  • There are lots of elements I would design differently, but I still wish I’d designed it.

    This actually caused a small crowd to gather around my desk so it terms of grabbing attention in a supermarket I think it is going to be supremely effective.

    Whether I’d actually want to drink Lemongrass milk is another thing. I’d like to see a gold version for a super-creamy, unpasteurised, straight from the cow, organic version. Mmmm.