• What do you think? Is it too much or perfectly suited to the studio’s new values and approach?

  • madebyzebra

    I really like this. It’s fun, quirky and different yet it’s still beautifully executed. Really nice to see the company brand proposition/values on the backs of the cards too as it adds that weight of seriousness to help counterbalance the playful design.

    • Good to get another opinion, it’s so unconventional it’s difficult to work out how good an idea it really is. It’s certainly very well executed, could have easily ended up looking a bit naff.

  • Damian Hamilton

    Thanks very much for the post Richard. The intention is to express our values and be playful; we love adding whimsy to a lot of our work. Vanity is definitely not us.

  • Damian Hamilton

    Bye the way, the font used on our cards was Domaine Text: https://klim.co.nz/retail-fonts/domaine-text/

    • Thanks, I’ve updated the article, really nice choice.

  • Jonny

    I think the idea has been pretty well executed and definitely acts as conversation starter — Good to see a studio trying something a bit different. I just wonder if the average client would get it and perceive it to be ‘cool’ enough to work with them?

    • Hi Jonny, I think what’s interesting is that in a way the studio is managing the clients that it wants to attract by being so quirky. It’s also worth mentioning that cards are also paired with a personal introduction so there’s always the opportunity to adjust to each potential client, increase the quirkiness or temper it slightly.

    • Damian Hamilton

      Hi Jonny, Thanks for the feedback. Our intention is to be memorable and hope that recipients of the cards talk about them. We are aiming to work with clients that value design, innovative ideas, our expertise and service. We understand that our cards might not be for everyone. The solutions we’ve delivered for our clients are all different and tailored to suit their audience; all brands have a unique story to tell.