• lalit kumar

    Amazing designs and very attractive..


  • I love those capitalized logos. And the ‘zebra’ pattern creates a nice contrast.

    The one and only thing thats bothering me, are the bags.. they look like they’re from a parfum store. On the other hand.. it suits Belle Epoque well.

    • Nik Read

      I agree, the clear bag works well with boxes. The swirl incorporated in a frame like the loyalty card and voucher is nice.

  • Steven Spassov

    I’m mostly impressed by the store’s interior. Very nicely put together. Great look.

  • violet_b

    Blimmin’ stunning work! Love it! However the ‘gift voucher’ and ‘loyalty card’ font looks really out of place and doesnt fit in. Where has it come from or am i missing something here?

    • cecicecille

      I agree with you, feels way to heavy and out of place, it specially bothers me on the ‘Menu’ application. Other than that great project! 🙂

  • Gui

    I have very little doubt that the font here is Sackers Gothic, not Sofia.

    • Gui

      Ah, the website does use Sofia. That’s an interesting companion to Sackers, it does kinda work here and there.