Huckleberry Roasters by Mast, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.

New packaging for Colorado coffee roaster Huckleberry by Mast

Huckleberry is a Colorado based coffee roaster established in 2011 by Koan Goedman and Mark Mann. Huckleberry recently worked with local graphic design studio Mast to rework their packaging in a way that would make the most of some well-established assets (which included Mackey Saturday’s distinctive wordmark) and would add more of the personality of its founder’s. This was achieved through the introduction of bright spot colour, geometric pattern alongside hand drawn wordmark, playful copywriting, and a naming convention based on Goedman and Mann’s personal musical inspirations.

Hand drawn script logotype for Colorado coffee roaster Huckleberry by Mackey Saturday

The primary intention for Huckleberry’s redesign was to address a confusing labelling system, and convey a little of the company’s personality, one that is both serious in its responsibilities to sustainability and good quality coffee, but also did not take itself too seriously. This is addressed in the move to a biodegradable material, clearer structure, and a more restrained but impactful use of colour and pattern.

New packaging for Colorado coffee roaster Huckleberry by Mast

Contrast is used to good effect, dividing and highlighting key information and securing visual impact. These include the detail of pattern alongside unprinted space, hand drawn wordmark alongside the more reductive qualities of a sans-serif, bright spot colours framed by white, and straightforward insight into flavour profile and origin yet a playful naming strategy. These are brought together with a good sense of proportion and structure, an appreciation for aesthetic flourish and the need for character in image and words, as well a communicative clarity.

Huckleberry Roasters hexagonal motif

Mast draw a little more proprietary character from a hexagonal motif from previous brand communications in the form of a pattern. Although this does add texture, contrast and a continuity, where previously there was abundance, diversity and ultimately distraction, it feels in competition with a really well-drawn wordmark. The wordmark may well have been better served by a solid colour or a dialled down background, which is where the previous packaging worked well. However, there remains a distinction and clear intention behind each choice, dividing each product, brand personality and straightforward product information, but also unifying these under a cohesive and memorable visual language. More from Mast on BP&O.

Design: Mast. Wordmark: Mackey Saturday. Opinion: Richard Baird.

Pattern for Colorado coffee roaster Huckleberry by Mast

New packaging for Colorado coffee roaster Huckleberry by Mast

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New packaging for Colorado coffee roaster Huckleberry by Mast

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  • Butchy Butch

    Wow, logotype is great. My only complaint: “y” is too close and because of that there is something wrong going on in “erry”. Still, very tasty. As for packaging it looks good on the first sight. But then I see.. I don’t know.. medicine? dog food? At the end of the day that pattern and those labes don’t work well together. Certainly not as coffee packaging.

  • Joe Hrdina

    I’d like to see the step before they used reversed white type for the lower copy. I’m not familiar with Huckleberry’s market (e.g. supermarket or cafe), but the bright pallette may help it stand out against competition.

  • yng yng

    Yea, the busy patterned background does fight with the logomark. Their other product’s design seems to have good solutions, see here on their Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/p/BAcnkxDJh7q/?taken-by=huckleberryroasters

    • yng yng

      Oops, looks like this is their previous design.

      • Butchy Butch

        I like the pattern placement better on the old ones then