Smithey Ironware Company by Stitch, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and tags with green paper and white ink detail for Smithey Ironware Company by Charleston based Stitch, United States

Smithey is an ironworks producing kitchenware from its location in Charleston, South Carolina. Smithey’s first product, a 10 inch skillet, features a smooth, non-stick cooking surface, created using a handcrafted method of finishing and polishing. This process was developed in response to the rough, coarse and sandpaper-like finish that proliferates the ironware market, which creates an uneven surface temperature, makes it difficult to cook with and uses a lot of energy.

Stitch Design Company, also based in Charleston, worked with Smithey to develop a visual identity that would extend across website, print communication and tags. Much of this is informed by the robust and crafted qualities of Smithey’s products, but also builds in a touch of character. This is expressed through type, materiality and motif.

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OTHR by Franklyn, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branding by New York-based design studio Franklyn for innovative product design company OTHR

OTHR creates unique objects that take advantage of new production methods and materials, and brings together the world’s best designers and transformative technologies. OTHR’s objects exist at a point where art and design intersect, are simple, practical but desirable in form, and are manufactured and individually numbered to order in a way that has minimal environmental impact.

OTHR designers include British designer Sebastian Bergne, Claessen Koivisto Rune from Stockholm and New York studio Todd Bracher. These designers contribute to a diverse catalogue of objects for juicing, cutting and holding, and share the philosophy of owning fewer but better things.

With simplicity at the centre, New York-based graphic design studio Franklyn created a new brand identity and delivery system to compliment the extraordinary nature of OTHR’s products. This included logotype and logo design, and extended to illustration, packaging and posters.

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Paley by Mucca, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity, menu cover and coasters for Los Angeles restaurant Paley designed by Mucca, United States

Paley is a restaurant located in Columbia Square, Los Angeles, the former headquarters of CBS and its pioneering chief: William S. Paley, from which the restaurant draws its name. Paley features a distinctive interior, designed by Bishop Pass, of mid-century detailing that recalls Hollywood’s heyday, which comes through in the mix of wood panelling, gilded surfaces, and period-style furniture, fixture and fittings.

Paley’s brand identity, created by New York-based graphic design studio Mucca and extending across menus, wine lists, business cards, coasters and website, plays with the building’s broadcast history and shares a commonality with interior through geometric form and pattern, a contrast of type and high-quality material choices and print finishes.

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