Stevenson Systems by Socio Design, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Logo and business cards by London-based Socio Design for space accounting specialist Stevenson Systems

Stevenson Systems is an American business that specialises in ‘space accounting’, an industry that measures architectural spaces using a variety of laser scanning and measuring devices, goes on to classify areas within larger spaces and produces reports and offers consultation on how to draw the most value from these.

Stevenson Systems pride themselves on their ability to add value, rather than just delivering data, and providing their clients with an array of services that look at the complete lifecycle of a building, from purchase through development and finally to sale. The company is a leader in its field, a position it has held since its foundation in 1986, however, its brand identity fell short articulating this authority amongst a crowd of newer competitors.

London-based Socio Design recently worked with Stevenson Systems to develop a brand identity that would counter the perception that they just measured buildings and would communicate an authority. The studio was responsible for strategy, logo and iconography design, stationery, brand guidelines, art direction and website, both design and build. Underpinning this rebrand is a new mission statement “Discovering Hidden Value”.

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Hedeker Wealth & Law by Socio Design, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branding for Illinois based Hedeker Wealth & Law by Socio Design

Hedeker Wealth and Law is an American independent business group dedicated to helping people protect, preserve and grow their wealth through services based around four key areas of expertise—investment, management, financial planning and tax advice. This complete and holistic combination marks Hedeker out from what is a crowded market of individual businesses providing fewer services.

To better express their experience and breadth of service, and to help reposition the group in a way that would attract more affluent clients, Hedeker worked with London-based studio Socio Design to create a new brand identity. This included logo and logotype design, stationery, business cards, quarterly newspaper and website.

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Twice Fashion by SocioDesign, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branding for Chinese luxury accessory brand Twice by London based graphic design studio Socio Design

Twice Fashion is a Chinese luxury accessory brand established by Tina Tian and Dr Mirko Wormuth in 2007. Since then it has grown to become one of the country’s top accessory brands, with stores in Beijing, Tianjing and Chongqing. Twice Fashion is described by SocioDesign, the London based graphic design studio behind its rebrand, as having helped shaped China’s ‘fast’ fashion industry.

With the intention of building on their success in mainland China, while also setting the stage for a move into the international market, Twice Fashion worked with SocioDesign to develop a new visual identity treatment. This included logo, logotype, packaging, bags and business card design, with consideration given to the brand’s existing visual language, reworking it where necessary, and its global aspirations.

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