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Future Industries by Studio 8

Opinion by Richard Baird Posted 20 May 2011

Logo for mobile recycling technology Future Industries designed by Studio 8

Future Industries is an innovative mobile recycling solution that delivers a ‘while you wait’ service for customers wanting to experience the process of turning their plastic waste into new products. The brand identity which includes a bespoke type solution was handled by London based Studio 8 and will launch later this year.

This identity has a utilitarian aspect that works well to communicate the nature of this unique recycling process. It’s simple and straightforward (both typographically, diagrammatically and through colour) translating a distant unseen process into a more human centred experience. The FI monogram isn’t fussy and simply blends the two letters to form a mark that clearly references the mobius loop while the typography is clean and clear. Ultimately what this identity (and service) achieves is a bridge between our bins and the large scale industrial processes and hopefully build a positive and engaging relationship between old products and new.

Future-Industries Future-Industries Future-Industries