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Falcon by Nine

Opinion by Richard Baird Posted 6 October 2011

Packaging design by Nine for Swedish pilsner Falcon

Falcon is a Swedish pilsner owned and distributed by Danish brewing company Carlsberg with a family heritage dating back to 1896. As part of an increased marketing spend and a new campaign, directed by DDB, Stockholm based design agency Nine was tasked with repackaging the Falcon brand to reinforce its traditional and premium proposition with a German pilsner inspired aesthetic.

I wrote about this re-brand last week and since then it seems the project has moved towards a far more premium aesthetic dropping some of the more traditional illustrated elements in favour of a conventional beer brand approach; drops of water, wheat, hops and coins etc. (still looks great). Read the original article here.

The new identity brings back the proud falcon and adds attitude and personality to the brand.  Our ambition has been find the key Falcon brand carriers according to its target group, some that have been lost in the process of several re-designs.  This design re-introduces several attributes that have been taken out earlier, thorough consumer research (in qualitative as well as quantitative studies) has clearly shown that the consumers like the “new” Falcon.

The new design was developed in close dialogue with the Carlsberg team, the first units featuring the new design to be introduced on the market are Falcon Export and Falcon Bayerskt, they will be available on Systembolaget in October 2011. – Nine

Packaging design by Nine for Swedish pilsner Falcon Packaging design by Nine for Swedish pilsner Falcon