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January’s Top 5 Projects 2012

Opinion by Richard Baird Posted 6 February 2012

Five & Dime - Logo and branding by Bravo Company

Five & Dime is a new restaurant and cafe located on River Valley Road, Singapore. Their identity, designed by Bravo Company takes the theme of American 5 or 10 cent stores and crafts a diverse portfolio of brand assets and an affordable product line.

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Mangolds - Logo and branding by Moodley

Mangolds is a vegetarian and wholefood restaurant situated on Griesgasse street in the centre of Graz, Austria. The restaurant’s identity, created by brand and strategic design agency Moodley, counters the perceptions of vegetarian cuisine as bland and limited with a diverse mix of typefaces.

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CAPI - Packaging and branding by CIP

CAPI is an Australian producer of premium carbonated fruit juices, mixers and mineral waters. Recently, as part of a complete rebrand, Melbourne based design agency CIP developed a new visual identity, packaging system and website solution that utilise a clean and contemporary typographic approach to characterise the natural origins and bold flavours of the range.

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Half N Half - Packaging designed by Hillebrandcory

Half n Half, owned by fruit juice manufacturer Snapple, an American brand that began selling to New York health food stores back in 1972, is a fruit tea product made from green and black tea leaves and infused with fruit flavours. As part of an extension to their diet range, Snapple commissioned Texas based independent brand communication agency Hillebrandcory, working in collaboration with freelance designer and illustrator Tad Carpenter to develop a new packaging treatment.

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Bulbo - Logo and branding by Anagrama

Bulbo is a San Pedro, (MX) based boutique lighting shop that specialises in high-end products and interior planning. The brand approached independent design agency Anagrama to develop a visual identity that would unite the company’s experience of light and space with the contemporary elegance of their products.

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