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February’s Top 5 Projects 2012

Opinion by Richard Baird Posted 28 February 2012

Mezcal Amores designed by Butic

Mezcal Amores is a brand of mezcal, a Mexican spirit distilled from the plant maguey which is believed to have a history dating back to 400BC. The brand approached independent design agency Butic to develop an identity, packaging proposition, collaterals and documentary film.

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Crit on The Dieline

Absolut is a brand of premium vodka produced in the Skåne region of Southern Sweden and owned by the French company Pernod Ricard. This year, as part of a new limited edition global ‘Cities’ campaign, the brand has launched Absolut LONDON. Illustrated by Jamie Hewlett the bottle is a celebration of British fashion and creativity executed as a series of period characters that include a Dickensian gent, 18th Century Dandy, Pinstripe gent, 60’s chick and 80’s Casual.

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CX designed by Moving Brand's

CX, formerly Cloud Experience is a provider of cloud based storage that, much like Dropbox allows you to upload and sync content across multiple devices. As part of a rebranding exercise, CX approached international brand development agency Moving Brands, to create a new name and visual identity solution that would move them away from the generic and ‘more commoditized companies’ and establish them as a more social proposition.

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Plymouth Gin by Design Bridge

Owned by the Pernod Ricard Chivas Brothers and regionally protected, Plymouth Gin is a ‘super-premium’ product produced since 1793 at The Black Friar’s Distillery, a former monastery and the oldest distillery in England. In response to a growing and diversifying artisan market the brand approached independent and international creative agency Design Bridge to develop a solution that would replace the art deco styling of the previous packaging in favour of a more authentic and genuine solution drawn from and inspired by the distillery’s archives.

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Little Black Book designed by Berg

Launched in 2006 Little Black Book is a printed guide for the advertising industry to share new ideas and was brought on-line in 2009 with the inclusion of new features such as e-newsletters, job boards and show reels. This year sees the launch of a new visual identity, created by Glasgow based interdisciplinary design agency Berg, which takes a simple and literal visual approach to frame a broad variety of content.

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