March’s Top 5 Projects 2012

March's Top 5 Projects 2012

These are the five projects I reviewed during March that I felt really stood out and wanted to give them another opportunity to be seen and discussed. I have ordered these from five to one with my favourite project presented last. Do you agree with my choices?


05 Fresh Point designed by Designers Anonymous

Fresh Point - Branding and packaging by Designers Anonymous

Fresh Point is a new and healthy fast food cafe that sells soups, wraps, sandwiches, fresh juice and yoghurt from its location on Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg, Russia. The brand approached London-based agency Designers Anonymous who, utilising a simple leaf/arrow device to communicate fresh and fast, developed a complete visual identity system that included packaging solutions, interior design, POS, uniforms and signage.

Read the review here


04 Secret To Live designed by Soporte Comunicación

Secret To Live - Branding and packaging by Soporte Comunicación

Secret to Live is a brand of olive oil infused with antioxidants and nutrients beneficial to the cardiovascular system. The packaging, designed by Valencia based Soporte Comunicación, utilises a minimal layout, a clinical colour palette and a heart/olive motif to visualise the active health benefits of the product.

Read the review here


03 Born Builders designed by The Drop Studio

Born Builders - Logo and branding by The Drop Studio

Born Builders is a London and Warrnambool (Australia) based build management, renovation and carpentry service provider. The company’s new identity, created by independent design agency The Drop Studio, draws together the brand’s collaborative and integrated approach and an honest and reliable business manner through a simple monogrammatic sans-serif logo-mark and single colour print and uncoated material treatment.

Read the review here


02 Argromundo designed by Anagrama

Agromundo - Branding and packaging by Anagrama

Argromundo is a Mexico based retailer and manufacturer of agricultural pesticides. The brand’s new identity, created by independent design agency Anagrama, resolves a technological but environmentally considerate approach through a simple geometric interpretation of a clover.

Read the review here


01 Middagsfrid designed by Bold

Middagsfrid - Branding and packaging by Bold

Middagsfrid is a service that delivers ingredients and recipes to busy inner city families with limited free time but a desire for high quality, preservative free food. In 2011 Middagsfrid launched its own range of products branded and packaged by Stockholm based Bold working in collaboration with illustrator Peter Herrman.

Read the review here


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