May’s Top 5 Projects 2012

May's Top 5 Projects 2012

These are the five projects I reviewed during May that I felt really stood out and wanted to give them another opportunity to be seen and discussed. I have ordered these from five to one with my favourite project presented last. Do you agree with my choices?


05 Reflect Lights designed by Designers United

Reflect Lights - Logo and branding by Designers United

Reflect Lights is an architectural lighting design and supply firm based in the Greek city of Thessaloniki. Their new identity, created by independent design studio Designers United, visualises converging and refracting light trajectories as an abstract and three dimensional structural form to capture the concept of light moving within a contained three dimensional space.

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04 Size designed by Face

Size - Logo and branding by Face

Size is an independent record label owned and run by Swedish DJ and producer Steve Angello. This month sees the launch of the labels new visual identity, created by ‘supermodernist’ design agency Face in collaboration with Vltranegro, that moves it away from a saturated club aesthetic and appropriates the art-house qualities of high fashion.

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03 Spritmuseum designed by Stockholm Design Lab

Spritmuseum - Logo and branding by Stockholm Design Lab

Spritmuseum (formerly Vin & Sprithistoriska Museet) is a Stockholm based art gallery, museum, tasting room, meeting-place, bar, restaurant and open-air café with a unique spirit theme.

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02 San Miguel 1516 designed by Designworks

San Miguel 1516 - Packaging by Design Bridge

San Miguel 1516 is a Spanish brand of premium beer that is founded on the principles of the Germanic purity law of 1516 which identifies water, malt, hops and yeast as the only four ingredients to be used in beer production.

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01 Quarterly Co. designed by Oak

Quarterly Co. - Packaging and branding by Oak

Quarterly Co. describes itself as ‘a new way to connect with the people you follow and find interesting’ and is an on-line subscription based service that delivers, on a quarterly basis, curated products selected by influential bloggers, designers and artists.

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