LogoArchive’s Logo Histories: Eye, Bee & M

IBM designed by Paul Rand - LogoArchive's Logo Histories

LogoArchive launched in 2015, however, it dates further back as an attempt to discover and file some of the best modernist logos of the past. Since then, it has grown into an international programme with 30+ researchers, located all over the globe, been developed into a series of seventeen zines and a soon-to-launch purpose-built research tool. Up until this point, LogoArchive has concerned itself solely with the research and recovery of logos. Now, it extends this to the documenting the stories behind these. Logo Histories forms a new and integral part of LogoArchive, using the format of the Substack Newsletter to share these, and gain support for ongoing research.

Logo Histories is a mix of the known and unknown, and rather than reiterate, it seeks out the small details, the ideas, considerations and contexts that gave form to the logos, then weaves these into narrativised parcels, sent out each week. Paid subscribers receive weekly Logo Histories, Bonus Content and Extended Content, as well as access to all of LogoArchive’s previous Logo Histories. Sign-up here.

This is a concerted effort to bring together the often overlooked details and create compelling bite-sized narratives that focus on key takeaways for designers to learn from. Below is Logo Histories latest newsletter, Eye, Bee & M. This takes a look at Paul Rand’s work with International Business Machines between 1957–1972. This is supported by a second Extended Content post that builds on this story, bringing to light the thinking behind the logotype and insight into the introduction of the stripes.

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LogoArchive Extra Issue: Standards Manual

LogoArchive Extra Issue: Standards Manual. Designed by Order, featuring a cover logo by Lance Wyman

LogoArchive and Standards Manual are delighted to launch an Extra Issue dedicated to Federal logo design, which includes some of the States’ most iconic symbols. Designed by Order and featuring texts by Bill Shaffer, Valerie Pettis and Lance Wyman, this Extra Issue tells the little-known story of the Federal Design Improvement Program (FDIP). This program links some of the country’s most recognisable symbols and involved designers such as Rudolph de Harak, Tom Geismar and Raymond Lowey. The booklet is the first to bring these symbols together, and through the words of Bill Shaffer, Lance Wyman and Valerie Pettis, brings a uniquely personal insight into the program and its ambitious outlook for Federal design throughout the 70s in the United States of America.

LogoArchive Extra Issue: Standards Manual can ordered at logoarchive.shop

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LogoArchive Extra Issue: pLAy by Sutherl&

LogoArchive Extra Issue: pLAy designed by Sutherl&, published by BP&O, Edited by Richard Baird

LogoArchive launches its most pLAyfuL issue to date. Designed by Jim Sutherland, Studio Sutherl&, and featuring a story by poet and creative Director Tom Sharp, this latest LogoArchive Extra Issue presents an enquiry into work and play in graphic design practice and offers a new way to look at old things. Using a unique perforated grid the LogoArchive booklet becomes an involving series of games that seek to evoke in the reader aspects or work (regulated and goal-orientated) and play (intuitive and self-directed).

LogoArchive Extra Issue: pLAy can ordered at logoarchive.shop.

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