Pontus In The Air by Bold, Sweden

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Logotype by Stockholm-based Bold for Arlanda Airport restaurant Pontus In The Air

Pontus In The Air is located at Sweden’s Arlanda Airport and was developed with the intention of being Europe’s leading airport restaurant in its blend of high quality, affordable prices and fast service. It features three distinct areas, The Brasserie, a classic bistro with table service inspired by the golden days of aviation, The Market, a self-service canteen with a more utilitarian finish, and Take-off, an area dedicated to take-ways.

Owners Pontus Frithof, a Swedish company founded by renowned chef Pontus Stenshäll, worked with Stockholm-based graphic design studio Bold, following their collaboration on city restaurant Tidningshuset by Pontus, to create a name and visual identity for this latest project. Inspired by chef Pontus Stenshäll’s colourful and charismatic character, the movement and energy of the airport, and with a desire to work together luxury and an element of humour, Bold crafted an identity of typographical play yet simplicity, and convivial illustrative detail. This links business cards, menus, mobile app, interior graphics and website.

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Tidningshuset by Pontus by Bold, Sweden

playOpinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity, print and packaging for Stockholm lunch restaurant Tidningshuset by Pontus by Bold, Sweden

Tidningshuset by Pontus is a 1000 m2 lunch restaurant, deli and bakery committed to sustainability, simplicity and quality, and was developed by famous Swedish chef and restauranteur Pontus Frithiof with the intention of challenging industry conventions.

The restaurant is on the ground floor of a building owned by Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s largest daily newspaper, which is situated in the newspaper district of Stockholm. Inspired by this unique location, Scandinavian graphic design studio Bold created a visual identity for Tidningshuset by Pontus that references the traditional mastheads and contemporary headlines of the newspaper industry. This is visualised through type contrast, a single ink print finish and dramatic signage.

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Pressbyrån by Bold, Sweden

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Packaging, bags and illustration by Bold for Swedish convenience store Pressbyrån

Pressbyrån is a Swedish convenience store with over 300 locations nationwide, and one of the country’s most recognised brands. It retails fresh pastry, sweets, coffee and hotdogs, alongside groceries, public transport tickets, magazines and papers, amongst a few other things. Stockholm based graphic design studio Bold worked with the store to create new packaging for its range of consumable products with the intention of distinguishing and uniting a variety of categories.

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