Girl Scouts of the USA


2020, USA, Community

For most, the logo for the Girl Scouts of the USA will be associated with Saul Bass who, in 1978, designed the silhouetted trefoil of three female figures. Aside from a slight revision by OCD in 2010, this remained consistent for 30 years. What is not as well-known, is that the trefoil, an undoubtably distinctive form on its own, has existed for far longer, and dates back to the 1920s, when the Scouts was first formed. Times have changed. Representation, inclusivity, and the simple practical need to exist across a stratified communications network demands a flexible and dynamic asset consistent across all these new contexts. Returning to the 1920s silhouette, and blowing this out into a rich tapestry of involving visual assets reasserts the distinctiveness of the silhouette, the significant legacy of the Scouts and as a brand to engage children first and foremost.

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