Kristin Jarmund Architects by Snøhetta, Norway

Opinion by Richard Baird

Visual identity designed by Snøhetta for Oslo-based Kristin Jarmund Architects.

Kristin Jarmund Architects is an oslo-based architectural studio with a design philosophy that is focused on using a simplicity of form and a clarity of purpose to address complex problems, while at the same time, allowing for a contextual and human sensitivity. Reduction, as well as the duality inherent to the studio’s work, was the founding principles of their new visual identity, created by Scandinavian studio Snøhetta. This can be seen in the juxtaposition of type and image, and the recurring motif of extracts within both of these.

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K. Apeland by Bielke&Yang, Norway

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branding by Norwegian graphic design studio Bielke&Yang for engineering consultancy K Apeland

K. Apeland is a Norwegian independent civil engineering consultancy that specialises in construction technologies, and applies its experience to new builds, remodelling projects and renovation. It has a favour for steel-wood and concrete structures, which has won the consultancy a number of awards, and has a broad portfolio that covers public infrastructure, private offices and housing, as well as viewing platforms, roads, bridges and quays.

Alongside a name change, shortened from Dr. techn. Kristoffer Apeland AS, K. Apeland worked with Oslo based graphic design studio Bielke&Yang to create a new visual identity system. This extended to business cards, letterhead, folder, posters, envelope, notepad and grid paper design, with a new website to follow shortly.

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Markus Form by Lundgren+Lindqvist, Sweden

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Visual identity and business card designed by Lundgren+Lindqvist for Swedish furniture business Markus Form

Markus Form is a contemporary furniture company, founded with the intention of revitalising Sweden’s furniture industry, and with an ambition to produce relevant, practical and easy to match designs that are durable and sustainable. The company’s furniture will also draw on a significant Swedish and Scandinavian design culture and heritage that unites ergonomics, functionality, craftsmanship and a good working knowledge of materials, whilst also being individualistic. Markus Form describe their philosophy as one that takes on greater challenges than those posed by form and finish, and acknowledges furniture as an architectonic component that has to handle scale and other spatial conditions and addresses everyday needs.

These values are the basis of Markus Form’s brand identity, developed by graphic design studio Lundgren+Lindqvist, and expressed using reductive, geometric, typographic shape and its consistent application, an appropriate use of space, proportion and layout, detail and the absence of detail, print finish and the distinctive and contextual qualities of still life photography. The project included business cards, postcards, tags, labels, folders and website.

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