Olaf Olive Oil designed by Anagrama

Olive oil packaging design for Olaf by Anagrama

Olaf is a Mexican cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil produced by Olivarera Italo-Mexicana – a Mexican Italian collaboration – intended for healthy, home-cooked, family meals and makes up one-third of Olivarera ‘s olive oil range, which also includes Valentto and Olive Gold. Anagrama, the design agency behind Olaf’s new visual identity, print materials and packaging, describe their approach as taking “typical Italian visual clichés and simplifies and refreshes them.”

While the packaging lacks some of the print finish and material detail of the other two in the Olivarera Italo-Mexicana olive oil range, the use of the green structural choice to make up the third Italian flag colour alongside red and white papers feels like a really neat idea. Graphically the packaging and stationery has an few elements, a simple slab serif and a script logo-type – devices that balance the agricultural with the personal – alongside the economy of a single black ink across coloured uncoated papers gives it a local industry and crafted quality appropriate for the market. As part of the complete Olivarera Italo-Mexicana range you can get a good sense of positioning with each packaging treatment.

Logo and stationery for olive oil brand Olaf designed by Anagrama

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Logo and business card for olive oil brand Olaf designed by Anagrama

Pamphlet for olive oil brand Olaf designed by Anagrama

Postcard for olive oil brand Olaf designed by Anagrama

Packaging for Olaf Olive Oil designed by Anagrama

Olive oil packaging design for Olaf by Anagrama

Website for olive oil brand Olaf designed by Anagrama

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  • john

    Extremely boring and lacking appetite-appeal. Why would “typical Italian visual cliches” need to be “simplified and refreshed” when there is clearly so much more to this brand that could have been portrayed in its identity?

    • Hi John thanks for adding your opinion.

      My question would be why do you think everything have to be exciting?

      For me Anagrama have delivered an intentionally rudimentary aesthetic, (an approach and positioning that makes sense within the context of their more premium products packed in a way that you might describe as not boring). This looks like it was picked up from a local farmers market without undermining a sense of good quality, it feels regional and accessible.

      Of course there is an argument as to whether it’s appropriate for big brands to appear small but the aesthetic seems appropriate.

      As for your comment on cliches I’d agree, there are still some here but I actually perceive these as leveraging established communicative conventions, nothing wrong with that.

      As a designer it isn’t something I’d be desperate to go check out but it’s on BP&O but it’s communicative, simple and well executed.

      • Eva Chau

        I always love coming to this blog and I finally feel like commenting.
        I think Richard brought up a good point if everything has to be exciting. I do think this project lacks a bit of personality, almost feels like simplifying the aesthetics just for the sake of simplicity. Quoting from an article that I read yesterday, “the simplicity overpowers the actual context”.
        I would like to see the bottle sit with other olive oil bottles to compare. The bottle alone doesn’t give me the idea of olive oil.

        • Hi Eva, glad you like the blog and decided to add your opinion, it’s really appreciated. If you have a link to the article you refer to I’d really be interested to read it.

      • adam

        Hi, I am first time on this GOOD site. I think john is right to say that can be boring. I see a lot of similar projects so they can be a little boring . By the way this one is very good (communicative, readable, clear) but on a shelf in supermarket we can find lot of similar.
        I greet you from Poland Richard.

  • Cinquemani Olive Oil

    I am just about to get the final stages ready for my branding, and this site is downright AMAZING!