• raluca anghel

    Agree it is an odd choice to put the two styles together, but kudos to the museum for having courage to do that. It’s an example of good client who trust the agency and accepts that to move forward, one has to be different and odd at some point.

    For me, the book is to generic and safe, maybe should’ve gone more with the concept. Perhaps that was the compromise with the client 🙂

    • I disagree with regards to the book, it doesn’t look like any kind of compromise to me, in fact it appears like a lot was invested in getting it right. I do however appreciate you adding your opinion,

      • Marcus Mackey

        I also disagree with the design of the book being too safe. The meticulously aligned type and the gorgeous imagery that accompanies it compliment one another making the book quite interesting and beautiful to look at. I’m most interested in finding out where I would be able to obtain a copy of that book.

  • Mikey Dilworth

    In a way, this reminds me of the recent project for Tretyakov Gallery by ONY. I agree the book is safe, there are many nice brand elements that could have been used, but haven’t been brought across… I wonder why.