• Pet Peeves

    Email : / Telephone : / Website : — You would rarely if ever put — Name : / Position :
    Even though it would seem just as pointless and / or self explanatory. On a seperate note, the colour scheme and identity is great, website navigation still feels slightly ill considered and I’m not too keen on the dashed lines all over the place.

    • Not quite sure what you mean by your first criticism but agree, the dashed lines are perhaps a little much both in print and online.

      • dp

        Think they meant the information hierarchy, it’s unusual to put the website before the person’s contact info. Although I think having the name and position isn’t an issue.

  • awesome firm, i also enjoyed their old website a little more. Not in functionality but in overall aesthetic. Felt more unique. their print materials are great!

    • I agree, the print work is pretty interesting, manages to balance high quality with a bit of a homespun sensibility. Unusual but distinctive.