June’s by Föda, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird

June’s is a cafe and bar located on the corner of South Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas. It offers breakfast, brunch, and grab-and-go pastries and coffee throughout the morning, and has an all day bistro menu that is served late into the evenings. The bistro menu is complemented by a changing wine and bar program managed by Master Sommelier June Rodil. June’s features a light interior design full of natural light, a black and white chequered floor, light bent wood furniture, banquette and bar seating, marble surfaces, white walls, gold details and a vintage Wurlitzer.

Graphic design studio Föda worked with June’s on visual identity. This compliments the interior’s period elements and cheerful ambiance through colour, type and form, and runs across menus, business cards, tableware, website, signage and the track cards of the Wurlitzer.

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Caldo Coffee by 25ah, Sweden

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity, logo and coffee cups designed by 25ah for Stockholm cafe Caldo Coffee at the Scandic Continental

Caldo Coffee is a café serving organic coffee and fresh salads, sandwiches and pastries from its location in Stockholm’s Scandic Continental. It features a modern interior of light wood, tall shelves and a long wood panelled and marble topped counter. It also includes a large custom built menu board, neon signage and a brand identity created by Scandinavian graphic design studio 25ah which links coffee cups, price tags and takeaway packaging.

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Earls.67 by Glasfurd & Walker, Canada

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and gift card with gold block foil print finish by Glasfurd & Walker for US and Canadian restaurant chain prototype Earls.67

Earls is a family-owned premium but casual restaurant chain with 66 locations throughout Canada and the United States and a thirty year history. The hospitality sector has seen a lot of change in this time. It continues to be highly competitive and often demands innovation and adaptability to remain relevant. With this in mind, Earls commissioned Canadian graphic design studio Glasfurd & Walker and interior design studio Ste Marie to reimagine the Earls brand as a one-off canteen and bar. Earls.67 is the result of this collaboration.

Earls.67 is a prototype, located at Bankers Hall in downtown Calgary, developed to test collaborations and new ideas. It is inspired by Earls 30 year history of burgers and bustling bars, food with an international twist, experimentation, energy and a focus on customer service. This is reflected in its menu, interior design and throughout a brand identity design that draws on Earls’ heritage and, in the words of Glasfurd & Walker, refocuses this through a contemporary lens. Brand identity runs across a variety of assets, these include, but are not limited to, logo and logotype, menus, interior graphics, business cards, wallpaper, gift cards, growlers and napkins.

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