Garden 13, Graanmarkt 13 by Base

Opinion by Seth Rowden

Graphic identity, packaging and copywriting by Base for Garden 13, Graanmarkt 13

Graanmarkt 13 is a restaurant, high-end concept store and apartment in Antwerp. It is described by Base, the studio behind its graphic identity, as a special house, a crossover place full of surprises. This was articulated through a story that positioned Graanmarkt 13 as a haven for people in search of objects and experiences with soul and meaning.

Garden 13 is a series of plant-based products and an online shop inspired by Graanmarkt 13’s rooftop garden philosophy. These products intend to develop the brand outside of its physical location, to reach an international audience.

In their packaging design for this new range, which builds on their initial identity work for Graanmarkt 13 Base tease the reader’s curiosity. They translate the feeling and sensory experience of using each botanical product into microcopy expressed as a single sentence over a variety of surfaces.

A pared-back but well-intentioned material language, a robustness that implies value, and a structural design that sees the cylindrical and simple link a breadth of products, serve as useful surfaces for emotive communication. This materiality is thoughtful and beautifully constructed, yet it is the words that are the real highlight. Copywriter Seth Rowden offers his opinion.

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Piccolo by Here Design

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Graphic identity and packaging by Here Design for Italian seed brand Piccolo

Piccolo is an Italian seed brand with a particular favour for those that are ideal for urban growers, people with small balcony gardens or working with limited space. It is a brand with character, with product naming that includes Slim Jim Aubergine and Spacemaster Cucumber expressing the space-smart dwarf varieties of the range.

Piccolo worked with UK-based studio Here Design to develop a new graphic identity that would establish a distinct and cohesive visual language across their packaging. With a miniature storybook-like quality and an illustrative approach that plays with both the bold and the granular, these tell the story of Piccolo, bring to light the rewarding experience of growing, and intend to engage with the many urban gardeners of the world.

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BP&O Collections — Framing

Selected by Richard Baird.

A continually updated gallery of graphic identity design work, reviewed and published on BP&O, that feature the framing of space, image, type or product. This collection includes simple white borders, containers that expand and contract, subtle framing through blind emboss, literal frames created by die cutting, and type used to define or imply a boundary. There are times where a contrast of colour, shape or texture are used to draw the eye inwards, moments where the blank and the detailed are inverted, where frames are created through the proportionality of paper, or alluded to in the cropping of type. Many of these are rooted in a broader concept rather than employed as a final material or graphic flourish.

This post features work by Studio Hi Ho, Multiadaptor and Bibliothèque, and covers a variety of projects, from poster archival and study to film festivals and photographers. Highlights include Blok’s typographic framing of rich imagery for CSGP, the oversized portfolio-like cover of Studio Hi Ho’s brochure for Whitlam Place, and the expanding and contracting frame of Mucho’s logo for Frameline.

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