REVOLT by Paul Belford Ltd.

Opinion by Richard Baird

Hardcover book design by Paul Belford Ltd. for Revolt by Alex Lewis and Bridget Angear

REVOLT is described as an instruction manual, tool-kit and practical guide for any business seeking to do more with their brand, or for individuals looking to get more out of life. The central premise is that having people on your side, and that the ability to form and activate a group is the secret to success, and essentially leverages and intends to help channel any feeling of disenfranchisement and anger into affirmative action and movements of change. Content feels very much of its time, although the visual and form language of action and disruption, revolution and dissent employed by Paul Belford Ltd. is an enduring and fairly universal one. Conflating political and societal struggles with corporate (or charitable) interest or self-help is bold and provocative, as is its visual expression.

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YO! by Paul Belford Ltd, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity, illustration and chopstick packaging for restaurant chain Yo! Sushi designed by London-based Paul Belford Ltd.

London-based graphic design studio Paul Belford Ltd. worked with UK restaurant chain YO! Sushi, now Yo!, to rebrand, as it expands into the US, the Middle East and further into Europe. This included an updated logo together with an extensive 200 page brand book, presented in a bespoke Japanese bento box, that covered a variety of new assets. The brand book covers menus, packaging, signage and illustrative noren curtains, as well as a guide to art direction.

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Designers’ Friend by Paul Belford Ltd, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and business card by London-based graphic design studio Paul Belford Ltd. for web development business Designers' Friend.

Designers’ Friend is a UK web development company working with designers and design studios to deliver fast sites that look exactly as they were designed. The company commissioned London-based graphic design studio, past client and collaborator Paul Belford Ltd., to deliver a brand identity concept that would work in print and online.

The studio’s concept is described as a dramatisation of the line ‘we write code’ and visualised, rather literally, by a keyboard. This then forms the basis of a minimal graphic expression in print across business cards and headed paper, and as part of a search rather than menu-based functionality online.

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