BP&O Collections — Business Cards No.11

Selected by Richard Baird.

The Best of BP&O — Business Cards No.11

The eleventh collection of business cards designed as part of new brand identity project, reviewed and published on BP&O in 2016. Between them, these show how colour, type, form, texture and contrast, delivered through a combination of graphic design, material choice and print finish, contribute to a distinctive and communicative brand identity. As with previous sets, this includes uncoated and coated boards, coloured papers, surface embosses, foils and edge painted detail. Featured studios include Neue, Raw Color, Mucho and dn&co, plus many more. Be sure to click through to get a sense of how these fit within a broader brand identity program and the communicative intentions that underpin their aesthetic.


Fathom Architects designed by dn&co.


Business cards for UK-based Fathom Architects by dn&co. These feature a white ink across a bright blue card.


Learig designed by The District


Business cards for commercial and residential property developer Learig designed by UK studio The District. These feature a bright fluorescent green spot colour.


Altaskifer designed by Neue


Business cards for slate mining business Altaskifer designed by Neue. These feature a bright fluorescent green spot colour.


Wagon Wheel designed by Perky Bros


Business card for real estate title and escrow company Wagon Wheel by American studio Perky Bros. These feature black and copper letterpress print finish over an uncoated and unbleached card.


Art Museum designed by Underline Studio


Business cards for Toronto's Art Museum by Underline Studio


Farah designed by Post


Business cards for men's fashion brand Farah designed by UK studio Post. These feature a gold foil detail across a white board.


Forgotten Boardwalk designed by Perky Bros


Business cards for US craft brewery Forgotten Boardwalk designed by Nashville-based Perky Bros. These feature a letterpress print finish over a heavy white board.


FR-EE designed by Pentagram


Business cards for MX and NY architecture firm Fr-ee by Pentagram. These feature a deep blue and fluorescent spot colours.


Globetouch designed by Bunch


Business cards for UK communications business Globetouch designed by Bunch. These feature a white ink over a black substrate.


Ragnar Hartvig designed by Commando Group


Business cards for Norwegian photographer Ragnar Hartvig by Commando Group. These feature the font Dala Moa and still life images.


LeMise designed by DIA


Business cards for NY gallery LeMise by DIA. These feature a copper block foil over pastel substrates.


LUX designed by Mucho


Business cards for Lux Capital by Mucho. These feature a letterpress and edge painted print finish.


Arde designed by IS Creative Studio


Business cards for Peruvian architecture business Arde by IS Creative Studio. These feature a bright fluorescent orange ink and blind emboss print print finish.


Playlist designed by Blok


Business cards Toronto based custom soundtrack business The Playlist Co. by graphic design studio Blok


Hedeker designed by Socio Design


Business cards for US wealth management business Hedeker by London-based Socio design. These feature a white block foil over dyed blue and brown boards.


Arco designed by Raw Color


Business cards for Dutch contemporary furniture business Arco designed by Arco. These feature the font Brown, a green and yellow colour palette and a black thermographic print finish.


Designers’ Friend designed by Paul Belford Ltd.


Business card by London-based graphic design studio Paul Belford Ltd. for web development business Designers' Friend. The card features a distinctive fold and the font OCR-B


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