Mister by Brief, Canada

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Mister crafts all natural, artisanal and seasonal ice cream from its location on Mainland Street, Vancouver, using a liquid nitrogen technique that rapidly freezes products to create less ice crystals and air compared to traditional ice creams. This gives Mister’s ice cream a richer, creamier and denser quality that does not require stabilisers or fillers.

Mister worked with local graphic design studio Brief to develop a visual identity that would run across and unite signage, packaging and business cards. Taking their cues from the modern production technique, and in opposition to a premises with a rough interior of exposed brick and a history dating back to 1912, Brief created a reductive but impactful brand expression based around a pentagon motif and a bright blue ink.

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Oyya designed by Skinn

Logotype and signage designed by Skinn for Bruges ice bar Oyya

Oyya is an ice bar located in the Belgium city of Bruges that retails a variety of frozen yoghurts, yoghurt drinks, waffles and 28 ice creams — the most in the city. Its brand identity, which included logotype, print, signage, uniforms and interior design created by local studio Skinn, while largely logo-centric and having a strict consistency across stickers, tubs, cone sleeves and boxes, manages to establish distinction through reduction without looking cheap and is sensitive to the historic nature of its location.

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