Helsinki by Werklig

Opinion by Richard Baird

Logo, graphic identity and print communications designed by Werklig for the Finnish city of Helsinki

In August 2017 Scandinavian design studio Werklig was commissioned to develop the graphic identity for the Finnish city of Helsinki, a capital with an urban region of roughly 1.4 million inhabitants and 751,000 jobs. The challenge was to resolve a disparate and fragmented visual system that represented a broad range of public services, departments and development projects that were helping and informing a diverse group of people. These included locals, national and international visitors, those looking to make their home in Helsinki or seeking asylum. Although each entity had its own logo, these were often tenuously linked by the city’s coat of arms. This served as the beginnings of a new and integrated identity program.

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Suomen Jäätelö by Werklig, Finland

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and package design by Helsinki-based Werklig for Finnish ice cream brand Suomen Jäätelö

Suomen Jäätelö is a super-premium ice cream brand currently available in five flavours and a sorbet. These include Milk, Pistachio, Vanilla and Chocolate made from Finncattle milk, a Rhubarb sorbet and Spruce created in collaboration with iconic furniture maker Artek. Although ice cream is internationally ubiquitous, Suomen Jäätelö is described as having a distinctively Finnish character. This is expressed throughout its packaging design, developed by Helsinki-based Werklig, in its balance of unique structure, use of space and pattern, modern logo and type contrast, in conjunction with a still life approach to art direction.

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