• Sam Flaherty

    Stunning work. I guess the fact that the rebrand is for a print production studio really opens up the scope of the project…

    • Absolutely, probably the only kind of project you can get away with having so many different material and print finishes without coming across as superficially flashy.

  • Char Norman

    Does any one know what the Font is they’ve used for the Cerovski logo?

    • Hi Char. The typeface was created specifically for the project.

      • Ankita

        you can search with stencil cut fonts to het similar font style. 🙂

        • Ankita


  • Kristian Bjørnard

    I love the matte black finish on the Van.

  • hei

    Does any one know what font do they use for the text part?

    • I think that it might be Pica 10 Pitch BT.

      • hei

        Thank you!

  • Gareth Manson

    This is brilliant work. Right down to making complete sense of using a stencil typeface for a bespoke printer.