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Selected by Richard Baird.

Photography Logos & Branding

A continually updated collection of some of the best brand identity design for photographers, reviewed and published on BP&O. This post features work by Bedow, ice Design and S–T, and includes simple logo design and stationery sets, and extends to those that cover printed and online portfolios.

Projects largely favour the subtle, the framing of image, often pairing neutral type with high quality material choices, but occasionally place the creative character of the photographer at the forefront, check out Bedow’s work for Gustav Almestål.

This post was published as a quick way to browse through BP&O’s content and get access to older but equally interesting projects through different themes, and expands on previous posts under the category The Best of BP&O. This series can be subscribed to here.

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Gustav Almestål by Bedow, Sweden

Opinion by Richard Baird

Brand identity and business card designed by Bedow for Swedish still life and food photographer Gustav Almestål

Gustav Almestål is a Swedish still life photographer who has built an extensive, high-profile and international client list that includes the likes of Electrolux, Wall Street Journal and Hermes. He now works from Stockholm, following several years in London, on projects that range from advertising and editorial to food and interiors.

The design of Gustav Almestål’s visual identity, which rested in the hands of Scandinavian design studio Bedow, touches upon his personal and innovative approach, use of light and shadow, and his frequent reference to enduring still life themes and historical art. These are expressed through a distinctive and individual monogram, its sculptural and dimensional qualities, an unusual multi-coloured foil, the chiseled serifs of Portrait and the broad monospacing of sans-serif Heimat Mono.

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The Best of BP&O — September 2017

Selected by Richard Baird.

The Best of BP&O – September 2017

September’s highlights included Lundgren+Lindqvist’s work on Daniel Götesson’s art book Ekta Sketchbooks Vol. I–III and Bond’s visual identity for Finish student union Sakki. BP&O also took a Hands On look at Snøhetta’s work on the Vestre anniversary book Folk+Form.

There were, however, five projects that stood out, and have made it into BP&O’s Best Of Series. These typically balance a strong singular concept, or an appropriate confluence of ideas, with a compelling stylistic character and clear communicative intention that appropriately plays with form, colour, type and layout, as well as material, texture, image and print finish.

Throughout the month BP&O also continued to expand on its collections series as another way to jump through to older posts on the site. New additions to this were FilmDie cutting and Beer. Updated projects in September included Paul Belford’s brand identity and packaging for Soap Co.

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