Raw Wine by The Counter Press, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird

Logotype, letterpress business cards, stationery and brochures by The Counter Press for international wine fair Raw Wine

Raw Wine is an international two-day wine fair that takes place in the cities of LA, London, Berlin and New York. It was founded by Deborah Lambert and Isabelle Legeron MW, France’s only female master of wine, and provides an opportunity for growers, makers and buyers to get together. Raw Wine is also a celebration of the best organic, biodynamic and natural wines from around the world, produced with the lowest intervention possible. It brings to light, for a new audience, the enduring traditions of wine making, and pushes back against increasing industrialisation, additive use and the shortcuts that come with larger volumes.

London-based studio and workshop The Counter Press, working in collaboration with brand consultant Dan Rowe, created a new visual identity for Raw Wine that captures the character and nuance of wine, the individuality of those that make up the artisan community, expresses a connection with natural low intervention wine production, and intends to engage a new audience. This is achieved in the idiosyncrasies of wood type and the extensive use of letterpress, alongside a bespoke logotype, modern iconography and unbleached substrates. These link business cards, catalogues, signage, glassware, bags, posters and soon to launch website.

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Wagon Wheel by Perky Bros, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and folder with copper block foil print finish for Nashville-based boutique real estate title and escrow company Wagon Wheel designed by Perky Bros.

Wagon Wheel is a Nashville-based boutique real estate title and escrow company established by three partners with substantial experience working for larger corporate law offices who wanted to establish a company with a more casual corporate culture and client experience. This, and Wagon Wheel’s Nashville roots, is expressed throughout its new brand identity, designed by graphic design studio Perky Bros, using a combination of a strong graphic approach and tactile material choices. This extends across folders, business cards, coasters, posters and signage.

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Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing by Perky Bros, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and packaging for craft beer brewer Forgotten Boardwalk by Perky Bros

Forgotten Boardwalk is a New Jersey microbrewery producing uniquely flavoured, year-round and seasonal craft beer. It was set up by Jamie Queli, one of the youngest female brewery owners in the US, and draws its name from the folklore of the Jersey Shore Boardwalk. This is the foundation of an extensive new brand identity, designed by Tennessee based Perky Bros, which brings to life the sideshow oddities, historic events and darker side of the boardwalk’s past through quirky and well-realised illustrative detail and storytelling component. This runs across cans and growlers, business cards, coasters and tap handles.

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