Studio Showcase: Lundgren+Lindqvist

Selected by Richard Baird.

Studio Showcase: Lundgren+Lindqvist

A continually updated gallery of work created by Swedish graphic design and digital development studio Lundgren+Lindqvist reviewed and published on BP&O. Lundgren+Lindqvist was founded in 2007 and is led by founding partners Andreas Friberg Lundgren and Carl-Johan Lindqvist. The studio balance distinctive ideas with an appropriate aesthetic and material response and sense of design craft, in print and on screen.

BP&O has been following and writing about Lundgren+Lindqvist since 2011. The work BP&O has typically featured has moved between a conceptual nuance, those with smart visual and material languages and moments of bold graphic immediacy for architects, breweries, galleries and furniture designers. Their work can be playful and referential in its use of materials, finishes and form or modern and sophisticated in the use of type; often evoking a sense of form and structure in arrangement and sensitivity to negative space.

Highlights include the studio’s collaboration with photographer Kalle Sanner. And the way the studio channel many of the structural, contextual and temporal themes of his project Lukas/Markus into their book design through proportion, layout, material, finish and secondary object.


Next To The Ocean by Lundgren+Lindqvist


Studio Showcase: Next To The Ocean by Lundgren+Lindqvist


Roger Burkhard


Studio Showcase: Roger Burkhard by Lundgren+Lindqvist


Lukas/Markus – Kalle Sanner


Studio Showcase: Lukas/Markus – Kalle Sanner by Lundgren+Lindqvist


O/O Long Boil Barley Wine


Studio Showcase: O/O Long Boil Barley Wine by Lundgren+Lindqvist


Enter Arkitektur


Studio Showcase: Enter Arkitektur by Lundgren+Lindqvist


O/O Brewing


Studio Showcase: O/O Brewing by Lundgren+Lindqvist


Markus Form


Studio Showcase: Markus Form by Lundgren+Lindqvist


Edouard Malingue Gallery


Studio Showcase: Edouard Malingue Gallery by Lundgren+Lindqvist


Ekta Sketchbooks Vol. I–III


Studio Showcase: Ekta Sketchbooks Vol. I–III by Lundgren+Lindqvist


Emma Magnusson Arkitektur


Studio Showcase: Emma Magnusson Arkitektur by Lundgren+Lindqvist


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