Studio Showcase: Commission

Selected by Richard Baird.

Studio Showcase: Commission

A continually updated gallery of graphic design work created by Commission reviewed and published on BP&O. Commission is a London based design and branding consultancy owned and led by Creative Directors David McFarline and Christopher Moorby. Their work covers the full spectrum of graphic design, from print and packaging design to editorial, advertising and digital media within the fashion, art, culture and commerce sectors.

BP&O has been following and writing about Commission since 2015. Their work is often characterised by a graphic restraint and a material sophistication rooted in a clear and compelling idea. There are moments where there is a sensitivity to the sequential nature of an unboxing, an awareness of the mechanisms of opening and the potential of surface beyond ink.

Highlights include their work for luggage design and manufacturer Rimowa, developed over two phases; the first captures a balance of craft and utility, the second introduces a familial warmth and character through illustration and colour. Unfolded, a print and packaging event in Germany stands out for the dialogue created between the visually immediate and robust, and the delicate and the crafted. Much of their work displays a material sophistication. Micro-foiling, sculpted embossing, micro-perforations and thermographic ink develop a smart material language alongside the graphic.




Designed by Commission – Espelma




Designed by Commission – Unfolded


Rimowa 2017


Designed by Commission – Rimowa


Franklin Till


Designed by Commission – Franklin Till


Rimowa 2018


Designed by Commission – Rimowa




Designed by Commission – Institute


Volcano At Home


Designed by Commission – Volcano At Home




Designed by Commission – Croft


Old Spike


Designed by Commission – Old Spike


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