The Clydeside Distillery by Manual

Opinion by Richard Baird

Logo, custom typeface, exhibition design and packaging by Manual for The Clydeside Distillery

The Clydeside Distillery was set up in 2014 with the intention of reviving distilling in Glasgow and telling the story of Scottish Whisky through a visitor’s centre. The distillery was set up by the Morrison’s, a family with a century-long history within the Scottish Whisky industry as both owners and operators.

San Francisco based Manual travelled to Glasgow to work closely with founders, architects and experience designers over a three year period to develop a brand that would live up to and bring to light a rich city heritage of industry and export through a broad variety of visual communications and material experiences. This included logo and a custom typeface, packaging and signage.

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Feroz by Mucho

Opinion by Richard Baird

Graphic identity and menu design by Mucho for Barcelona's restaurant and late-night bar Feroz

Feroz, located on Barcelona’s Carrer Tuset, is described as being a fashionable destination that transitions from evening restaurant into late-night club. It features a distinctive interior design created by Pablo Peyra Studio. This exists in the grey area between something close to period colonialism, moments of kitsch and modern luxury. It has an undeniable character and specificity, one that is fully committed and is perhaps most successful in its use of foliage, modern upholstered chairs and colour palette of greens and aqua blue. There is here the implication and meeting of an exotic jungle location and civilisation. Design studio Mucho channel this and layer in a mysterious and wild night-time possibility into graphic identity through the juxtaposition of imagery and illustration, contrasting form, colour and overprint. This links stationery, menus and outdoor signage

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Penley Estate by Parallax Design, Australia

Opinion by Richard Baird.

New brand identity and packaging by Parallax Design for family run and award winning winery Penley Estate, Australia

Penley Estate is a family run winery established in 1989 by Kym Tolley and located in the wine growing area of Coonawarra, Australia. It produces wines that are described as having discernible regional character and are made from fruit grown in Terra Rossa soil; a red clay type created by the weathering of limestone. Penley Estate, since its inception, has produced a number of award-winning wines, and is recognised as the region’s leading producer of premium wines.

The winery worked with Parallax Design; a studio that, prior to this project, had spent time looking at the problems faced by wine producers of the Cabernet regions, to develop a new visual identity that would, not only express a change at Penley Estate, but also give Coonawarra Cabernet a more contemporary quality. This runs across new wine labels, website and livery.

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