Absolut Botanik by Bold Inc., Australia

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Packaging for Absolut Botanik by graphic design studio Bold Inc.

Absolut Botanik is a new ready to drink, pre-mixed, single-source vodka range from distiller Absolut, flavoured with Scandinavian lingonberries, cloudberries and blueberries, blended with either pear, apple or lime. The range features a distinctive and bespoke single-serve bottle with a silver crown cap, and the Absolut logotype framed by rich illustrative detail that mixes bold watercolour strokes with finer pen and ink work. This packaging treatment, created by international branding and packaging agency Bold Inc., looks to engage the market with a strong character and story, and to convey a sense of craft and playfulness.

Logotype for Absolut Botanik by graphic design studio Bold Inc.

Bold Inc. make good use of the Absolut logotype, its recognisability and associations through proportion, and in the preference for continuity in the rendering of Botanik. A pass of white effectively frames its black letters across a clear bottle, and provides significant contrast to rich illustrative detail that gives this range its unique personality.

Illustration for Absolut Botanik by graphic design studio Bold Inc.

Where the bold letters of the Absolut brand feel permanent, the illustration of Absolut Botanik, much like Absolut’s Limited Edition ranges, are of the moment, and effectively (and appropriately) leverage a continued favour for the compelling and now fairly universal communicative nature of botanical illustration in the drinks industry.

A blend of ink, watercolour and a slight etched quality in shading plays with craft, ingredient quality and to some degree a sense of heritage, while content and concept, which resolves around animals wanting their fruit back, and characterised by some aggressive faces and postures, feels thoroughly contemporary.

This layers Absolut Botanik with a subtle story component, presumably to be expanded upon throughout campaign work, and draws a more unique and adult personality from the often light and playful qualities associated with watercolour.

Packaging for Absolut Botanik by graphic design studio Bold Inc.

The illustrations are well-rendered with some good pen and ink shading, and a lovely use of bright but earthy watercolour and texture. These share a concept, are aesthetically pleasing and grounded by clear communicative intentions. They appear to take some of their cues from Absolut’s popular and fleeting limited edition ranges, but makes a clear connection with the craft, quality and permanence associated with Absolut Vodka through type, proportion of type, the use of space, bottle shape and its clear glass.

Design: Bold Inc. Opinion: Richard Baird.

Packaging for Absolut Botanik by graphic design studio Bold Inc.

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Packaging for Absolut Botanik by graphic design studio Bold Inc.

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  • Marcelo Marques

    It’s almost shocking seeing Absolut iconic bottle with such a different design, I get the concept and it’s well made but the bottle seems cheap and soda like.

  • mark Lloyd

    it’s very poorly crafted and a little dull and old fashioned. If you want to see how to do it well take a look at absolute flavours by Brand Union Stockholm

  • Design Matters

    I know who did this design and let’s just say they seem to love using watercolours in so many of their pack projects. Guys it does look priddy but let’s try some other technique OK