Omakase Room by Tatsu by Savvy, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird

Visual identity and scented ceramic gift by Savvy for New York restaurant Omakase Room by Tatsu

Omakase Room by Tatsu is a unique sushi dining experience located on New York’s Christopher Street. The concept is rooted in the centuries-old family traditions of Japanese Executive Chef and host Tatsu Sekiguchi and the celebration of the individual and personal. This can be experienced in the restaurant’s unique and intimate setting, one that seats only eight, and a menu carefully crafted by Tatsu for one evening and for that specific group of eight, based on their mood, curiosities and preferences.

The restaurant features a light interior design of soft bamboo and fabric centred around Japanese minimalist traditions. Materials a few but high quality, the ceiling is low, and the design of the table and layout of chairs lend the restaurant a quiet and earthy material quality with little distraction, and establish an intimacy with the chef, and focuses the mind on the food.

Building on this, design studio Savvy developed a multi-sensory brand identity, with a similar restraint, materiality and discretion. This offers something of its own subtle character but does not detract from the food, while also working in small thoughtful details such as scent and semi-transparent paper that links type with interior. The project included menus, stationery, business cards and a ceramic gift.

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Obra Blanca by Savvy, Mexico

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and brochures for Mexican architecture studio Obra Blanca designed by Savvy

Obra Blanca is an architecture studio, established in 2013, with offices in the Mexican city of Veracruz. The studio looks to transcend Mexico’s architectural landscape, remain independent and resistant to trends, and free to experiment and explore. It attributes a building’s value to its coherence, craftsmanship, materiality, functionality and context.

Obra Blanca represents the last step in construction, the stage at which a building stops being just a structure and gains character from, and is an extension and reflection of, its inhabitants. This informed the studio’s new brand identity, created by graphic design studio Savvy, and manifests itself in two parts, in structure and content, which runs across business cards, stationery and brochures.

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James Turrell; Jardín Botánico by Savvy, Mexico

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branding for James Turrell Jardín Botánico by graphic design studio Savvy

Botanico Culiacan is a 10 acre botanical garden, designed and built by Tatiana Bilbao in 2012, and located in the city of Culiacán, México. The garden is dedicated to conservation, eduction and botanical investigation, plays host to a variety of cultural events and is home to a contemporary art collection commissioned specifically for the space.

Botanico Culiacan’s latest installation, James Turell’s Encounter, is the first public skyspace in Latin America. The work continues to express James Turell’s interest in light, colour and empty white space through programmed lighting within a domed enclosure and a small opening that frames the sky. This is further explored within the exhibition’s brand identity treatment, created by graphic design studio Savvy, using panels of ink, regions of unprinted space, blind emboss, glossy surfaces and a mix of type and image.

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