Studio Showcase: Studio fnt

Selected by Richard Baird.

BP&O Studio Showcase: Studio fnt

A continually updated gallery of graphic design work created by Studio fnt reviewed and published on BP&O. Studio fnt is a Seoul based graphic design studio creating graphic identities, design for print, interactive/digital media products and packaging, and has an approach that seeks to collect fragmented and straying thoughts, and organises and transforms these into relevant forms.

This post covers a variety of projects, but there is a strong leaning towards events and festivals. BP&O has been following and writing about Studio fnt since 2014. Their work has often stood out for its mix of contemporary visual design language and a cultural sensitivity, reference and relevance. Studio fnt’s portfolio moves between singular but bold graphic gestures to an illustrative richness with much of the work being cheerful and playful in its mix of colour, form, type and image.

Highlights include their work for BIFAN; a mix of custom type and commissioned illustration, the illustrative collages for Ulju Mountain Film Festival, and the correlation between type, image and interior design throughout their work for Daechung Park Cafe.


BIFAN 2016


Designed Studio fnt, Korea: BIFAN 2016


Ulju Mountain Film Festival


Designed Studio fnt, Korea: Ulju Mountain Film Festival


Milk Lab


Designed Studio fnt, Korea: Milk Lab


The Hyundai Department Store


Designed Studio fnt, Korea: The Hyundai Department Store


C( )T( ) – Typojanchi 2015


Designed Studio fnt, Korea: C( )T( ) – Typojanchi 2015




Designed Studio fnt, Korea: Highlights


National Theatre of Korea Repertory 2017/18


Designed Studio fnt, Korea: National Theatre of Korea Repertory 2017/18


Daechung Park Cafe


Designed Studio fnt, Korea: Daechung Park Cafe




Designed Studio fnt, Korea: tvN


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