Studio Showcase: Blok

Selected by Richard Baird.

Studio Showcase: Blok

A continually updated gallery of graphic design work created by Canadian design studio Blok reviewed and published on BP&O. Blok was founded in 1998, and in their own words, seek out the normal, the abnormal, the mundane, the exciting, the current, the obsolete, the inspiring and the disheartening, and then use and develop these discoveries into compelling ways to move people.

BP&O has been following and writing about Blok since 2012. There is a clarity and communicate immediacy to their work. Form, colour and type coalesce to form striking and provocative visual expressions grounded in the essential truths of the brands they work with.

Highlights include their work for architecture studio Superkul. This began as a book in which to clarify and bring to light, through words, image and materiality, the values and philosophies that unit their broad portfolio of private homes and commercial spaces. Unwrapping the shrink wrapping, giving air to this book, sees it come to life as the french folds aerate. This was book serves as a strategic, emotional and occasionally philosophical foundation that went on to inform graphic identity.




Studio Showcase: Summerhill by Blok


Center for the Study of Political Graphics


Studio Showcase: Center for the Study of Political Graphics by Blok


Coalition for Engaged Education


Studio Showcase: Coalition for Engaged Education by Blok


Rain, Gravity, Heat, Cold


Studio Showcase: Rain, Gravity, Heat, Cold by Blok




Studio Showcase: Superkul by Blok


Broadview Hotel


Studio Showcase: Broadview Hotel by Blok


The Playlist Co.


Studio Showcase: The Playlist Co. by Blok


Nota Bene


Studio Showcase: Nota Bene by Blok




Studio Showcase: F32 by Blok


Modern Recreation


Studio Showcase: Modern Recreation by Blok


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