BP&O Collections — Best Awards Winners 2019

The Best Awards is an annual celebration of interactive, graphic, product and spacial design work from New Zealand and Australia, run by The Designer’s Institute. This year’s event took place on Friday the 4th October at Auckland’s Spark Arena where winning studios where awarded a Gold Pin for best in category, a Supreme Pin for best in discipline or a Purple Pin for those considered to have raised the bar of design.

Other awards include The John Britten Black Pin, which will be given to an individual for their leadership, vision and achievements nationally and internationally, and The Designer’s Institute of New Zealand Black Pin for Outstanding Achievement. This will be awarded to a member who has made a lasting and valuable contribution to the design profession and design culture in New Zealand. The judges for each catagory can be seen here.

To coincide with the publication of the winners BP&O looks back at those projects reviewed on the site and picking up awards in October.

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BP&O Collections — Theatre

Selected by Richard Baird.

The Very Best in Branding for Theatre's

A continually updated collection of some of the best graphic identity design work created for theatres, reviewed and published on BP&O. This post features work by Pentagram, Studio fnt and Spy, and includes projects that cover programmes and posters, but also those that included supergraphics and wayfinding.

These share a strong visual impact and a graphic immediacy in the contrast of colour, type and form. Some are codified while others shift, capturing the unique creative direction of each season. For the most part, these are rooted in a compelling concept such as Paula Scher’s ongogoing work for Atlantic Theater and Public Theater. Be sure to click the images to read more about the project, the intentions of each design, and how these work alongside other assets.

This post was published as a quick way to browse through BP&O’s content and get access to older but equally interesting projects through different themes, and expands on previous posts under the category The Best of BP&O. This series can be subscribed to here.

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BP&O Collections — Spot Colours

Selected by Richard Baird.

A continually updated gallery of graphic design, visual identity and packaging work, reviewed and published on BP&O, that employ a distinctive use of spot colour. These include a finely detailed use of metallics, pages of solid bright colour and moments of richness. This post features work by Bond, Blok and Bunch, and covers a variety of projects, from books and retail branding, sweet packaging and print production studios.

This post explores the immediacy of solid colour, the pleasure and interaction of multiple spot colours and occasions where metallics are used to draw out details within photography. Functional uses of spot colour include catching the eye, marking a change between content, or as a component to link products and differentiate brand.

The conceptual approaches include the extensive use of spots to express the capacity of a print production company Cerovski, the unifying of disparate photographic styles throughout Migrant Journal, and the warmth and joy of a bright orange as an articulation of the singular theme of MacGuffin magazine. Also check out Fluorescent Ink & PapersBlind Embossing and Die Cutting.

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