Fosnavåg Konserthus by Heydays, Norway

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Animated logo for Fosnavaag Cultural Centre designed by Heydays

Fosnavåg is a city on the island of Bergsøya, situated off the west coast of Norway not far from the Altantic Ocean. It is home to a variety of maritime businesses including fishing, logistics and shipbuilding, and now the location of Fosnavaag Cultural Centre, a new concert hall founded by the local community.

Fosnavaag Cultural Centre’s brand identity, created by Scandinavian graphic design studio Heydays, explores the relationship between Fosnavåg and the Atlantic Ocean—the foundation of local industry and culture, the point at which old weathered buildings meet a precise and contemporary structure, technology and innovation, and the convergence of sea and music. This was visualised as an identity system that included dynamic animated logo and interactive signage, illuminated interior displays, t-shirts, badges and business cards.

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Skovin designed by Heydays

Catalogue with coloured paper and die cut cover designed by Heydays for Norwegian high-end wood flooring supplier Skovin

Skovin is Norwegian, high-end, solid wood floor specialist that combines ancient craftsmanship with modern technologies. By mixing a wood veneer business card and a traditional name drawn from the old word Skøyen, the area in Oslo where the company was founded, with geometric shapes and die cuts, panels of flat colour and sans-serif typography, Skovin’s identity, designed by Heydays, intends to express the company’s fusion of past and present process.

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Intu designed by Heydays

Logotype by Heydays for Norwegian accounting and consultant firm Intu

Intu is a Norwegian accounting and consultation firm and real-time technological solutions provider located in the town of Bodø. Design agency Heydays developed a new brand identity solution for Intu—which included naming, logotype, business cards, print communication, custom typography and website design—based around the link between the firm’s two key services and the software it uses to deliver these efficiently.

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