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The Best of BP&O — December 2017

Opinion by Richard Baird Posted 29 December 2017

Best Branding & Packaging December 2017

As BP&O closes out the year we took a look back at some of the stand out work from 2017. These included our favourite Graphic Identities, Packaging, and Graphic Design and those Studios that had three or more features.

This final “Best of” picks out BP&O’s highlights from December with the intention of recognising projects that display a smart use of small budgets—those that channel spending into the most appropriate assets—and those with a broad and holistic quality, establishing a continuity (conceptual and/or visual) across multiple touch points.

Also, BP&O continued to expand on its collections series as another way to jump through to older posts. A new addition to this was Logotypes, which has been updated throughout December to include over 30 examples selected from the graphic identity projects featured on the site since 2011.

Best Branding & Packaging December 2017 – Loupedeck by Bedow, Finland

Loupedeck by Bedow, Finland

Loupedeck is a Finnish startup and photo editing console designed to make the process of image manipulation faster in Adobe Lightroom for both Windows and Mac users. It is described as being an intuitive replacement for keyboard and mouse, is mapped exactly to Lightroom to encourage creative spontaneity and experimentation, and suited to beginners and professionals alike.

To help establish and grow their business, the startup worked with Scandinavian graphic design studio Bond to develop a graphic identity that would run across and link business cards, packaging, website and promotional materials that included beanies, t-shirts and tote bags.

Loupedeck’s design utilises height, form, texture, arrangement and motion across the console to allow editors to manipulate images without looking down. This forms the basis of an identity system of distinct typographical shape and layout, the impression and relief of blind embossing, the texture of uncoated dyed substrate, and in the use of motion online.

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Best Branding & Packaging December 2017 – Abodo by Richards Partners, New Zealand

Abodo by Richards Partners, New Zealand

Abodo is a New Zealand-based timber specialist producing high performance and carefully crafted materials for architectural and structural contexts, and has a catalogue of cladding, decking, screening and timber panelling. Abodo worked with Richards Partners to better articulate its brand story, bring clarity to and emphasise the company’s respect for timber; where it comes from, where it is used and by whom, while also clearly communicating its ambition to architects and designers around the world through catalogue and website design.

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Best Branding & Packaging December 2017 – Modern Recreation by Blok, Canada

Modern Recreation by Blok, Canada

Modern Recreation (ModRec) is an international coffee subscription service that offers its subscribers an ever-changing selection of the very best in micro-roast coffees sourced from around the world. ModRec takes pride in its positioning; the rejection of artifice, pretence and mass culture in favour of what it says is a realness, spontaneity and individuality. This attitude, and the unique character of ModRec’s coffee collections, is expressed throughout its graphic identity; in the remixing of colour, type and form, and alongside intimate imagery and in the individual and straight talking tone of voice used online. This was developed by Canadian design studio Blok with the result being a cheerful blend of the modern and personable, variety and discovery.

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Best Branding & Packaging December 2017 – Little Wolf by Perky Bros, United States

Little Wolf by Perky Bros, United States

Little Wolf is an American small-batch coffee roastery, subscription service and café created by former accountant turned coffee roaster Chris Gatti. Tennessee-based graphic design studio Perky Bros recently worked with Chris to developed a new graphic identity that would link a variety of assets. These included stationery, business cards, individual coffee bags, tote bags, merchandise, subscription boxes and website.

Perky Bros describe their design as being inspired by one part science and two parts storybook. This can be seen in the systematic use of type and colour, and the variety and character of illustration. These draws together and convey Chris’ commitment to methodically sourcing, roasting and preparing the highest quality beans, his dedication to making specialty coffee a more accessible and friendly experience, and his belief that coffee is only as good as the company it is shared with.

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Best Branding & Packaging December 2017 – Holvi by Werklig, Finland

Holvi by Werklig, Finland

Holvi is a digital bank account created specifically for entrepreneurs and micro-businesses with the intention of making banking, paperless bookkeeping and invoicing simpler and more efficient. Holvi is positioned as more than just a digital bank account, and comes with a plethora of integrated features. These include the seamless syncing of information between different systems, sending invoices in a few clicks, a way to set up online sales, and save and record receipts.

Scandinavian design studio Werklig helped Holvi to develop its strategy and graphic identity as it continues its expansion further into Europe. Working with key personnel, the studio identified and refined Holvi’s values, defined brand tonality, fine-tuned competitive advantages and clarified market positioning.

Holvi is personal and professional, a cheerful and reliable utility. This is expressed by its new graphic identity. Using simple form language, a soft and modern colour palette and Cartographe Sans, Werklig finds a smart intersection between the mechanical and the playful. This links a variety of printed assets such as business cards, stationery, merchandise and tote bags, and digital experiences that included website and mobile app.

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