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Selected by Richard Baird.

Creative Tote Bag Design – BP&O Collections

A continually updated collection of tote bags designed as part of a broader graphic identity programme, reviewed and published on BP&O. Between them, these bring to light how colour, type, form, orientation, layout and contrast can make a standard format distinctive and memorable, contribute to an effective graphic identity and catch the eye from a distance. These can function as an expression of belonging, work as low-cost advertising, appeal to our aesthetic sensitivities or, through frequency and proximity, signal a current event.

This post moves between a simple use of logos to those employing patterns and slogans, and covers work for festivals, museums, galleries and universities. Featured studios include Neue, Bunch and Spin. Click through to get a sense of how these fit alongside a variety of other assets and within the context of concept and the communicative intentions that underpin their design.

It is worth noting that the tote bag is often a useful canvas in which to communicate how a graphic identity system might work out in the world, an example of how a dynamic logo adapts to different contexts, or is supported by secondary graphics, copywriting and custom typefaces. Some only make it into production. Here, BP&O mixes the two as a way to inspire, to offer a post of stylistic pleasure and in-use examples. Check out plenty more at BP&O – Collections or subscribe to the series here.


The Architect’s Bookshop by Garbett


Tote Bag Design – The Architect's Bookshop by Garbett


NAU by Toko


Tote Bag Design – NAU by Toko


Assembly by Ragged Edge


Tote Bag Design – Assembly by Ragged Edge


Broadgate by dn&co


Tote Bag Design – Broadgate by dn&co


Fluvia by Folch


Tote Bag Design – Fluvia by Folch, Spain


Sydney Design Festival by Re


Tote Bag Design – Sydney Design Festival by Re


Korea International Art Fair 2018 by Studio fnt


Tote Bag Design – Korea International Art Fair 2018 by Studio fnt


Colours May Vary by Build


Tote Bag Design – Colours May Vary by Build, United Kingdom


Centre for the Study of Political Graphics by Blok


Tote Bag Design – Centre for the Study of Political Graphics by Blok, Canada


Sumer And The Modern Paradigm by Clase bcn


Tote Bag Design – Sumer And The Modern Paradigm by Clase bcn, Spain


Little Wolf by Perky Bros


Tote Bag Design – Little Wolf by Perky Bros, United States


Den Norske Filmskolen by Neue


Tote Bag Design – Den Norske Filmskolen by Neue, Norway


University of the Arts Helsinki by Bond


Tote Bag Design – University of the Arts Helsinki by Bond, Finland


Traveller Espresso Bar by TCYK


Tote Bag Design – Traveller Espresso Bar by TCYK, Australia


Maldini Studios by Jens Nilsson


Tote Bag Design – Maldini Studios by Jens Nilsson, Sweden


Deptford X by IYA Studio


Tote Bag Design – Deptford X by IYA Studio, United Kingdom


Highlights by Studio fnt


Tote Bag Design – Highlights by Studio fnt, South Korea


Frameline 41 by Mucho


Tote Bag Design – Frameline 41 by Mucho, United States

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