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Selected by Richard Baird.

Creative Tote Bag Design – BP&O Collections

A continually updated collection of tote bags designed as part of a broader graphic identity programme, reviewed and published on BP&O. Between them, these bring to light how colour, type, form, orientation, layout and contrast can make a standard format distinctive and memorable, contribute to an effective graphic identity and catch the eye from a distance. These can function as an expression of belonging, work as low-cost advertising, appeal to our aesthetic sensitivities or, through frequency and proximity, signal a current event.

This post moves between a simple use of logos to those employing patterns and slogans, and covers work for festivals, museums, galleries and universities. Featured studios include Neue, Bunch and Spin. Click through to get a sense of how these fit alongside a variety of other assets and within the context of concept and the communicative intentions that underpin their design.

It is worth noting that the tote bag is often a useful canvas in which to communicate how a graphic identity system might work out in the world, an example of how a dynamic logo adapts to different contexts, or is supported by secondary graphics, copywriting and custom typefaces. Some only make it into production. Here, BP&O mixes the two as a way to inspire, to offer a post of stylistic pleasure and in-use examples. Check out plenty more at BP&O – Collections or subscribe to the series here.


Vessel Floats by Order


Branded tote bags by Order for flotation and deprivation therapy spa Vessel Floats


Avo Consulting by Bleed


Tote Bag Design – Avo Consulting by Bleed


The Architect’s Bookshop by Garbett


Tote Bag Design – The Architect's Bookshop by Garbett


NAU by Toko


Tote Bag Design – NAU by Toko


Assembly by Ragged Edge


Tote Bag Design – Assembly by Ragged Edge


CareerTrackers Awards by Garbett


Tote Bag Design – CareerTrackers Awards by Garbett


Broadgate by dn&co


Tote Bag Design – Broadgate by dn&co


Fluvia by Folch


Tote Bag Design – Fluvia by Folch, Spain


Sydney Design Festival by Re


Tote Bag Design – Sydney Design Festival by Re


Korea International Art Fair 2018 by Studio fnt


Tote Bag Design – Korea International Art Fair 2018 by Studio fnt


Colours May Vary by Build


Tote Bag Design – Colours May Vary by Build, United Kingdom


Centre for the Study of Political Graphics by Blok


Tote Bag Design – Centre for the Study of Political Graphics by Blok, Canada


Sumer And The Modern Paradigm by Clase bcn


Tote Bag Design – Sumer And The Modern Paradigm by Clase bcn, Spain


Little Wolf by Perky Bros


Tote Bag Design – Little Wolf by Perky Bros, United States


Den Norske Filmskolen by Neue


Tote Bag Design – Den Norske Filmskolen by Neue, Norway


University of the Arts Helsinki by Bond


Tote Bag Design – University of the Arts Helsinki by Bond, Finland


Traveller Espresso Bar by TCYK


Tote Bag Design – Traveller Espresso Bar by TCYK, Australia


Maldini Studios by Jens Nilsson


Tote Bag Design – Maldini Studios by Jens Nilsson, Sweden


Deptford X by IYA Studio


Tote Bag Design – Deptford X by IYA Studio, United Kingdom


Highlights by Studio fnt


Tote Bag Design – Highlights by Studio fnt, South Korea


Frameline 41 by Mucho


Tote Bag Design – Frameline 41 by Mucho, United States

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