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BP&O Collections — Brochures No.3

Opinion by Richard Baird Posted 27 July 2015

The Best of BP&O — Brochures No.3

The third collection of brochures, lookbooks, prospectuses, reports, book covers and magazine spreads published on BP&O. These mix layout, material choice and print finish, and between them effectively utilise colour, type, image, texture and paper contrast to communicate and compel, as well as contributing to a distinctive brand identity treatment. This selection features uncoated and coated papers, surface embosses, foils, metallic inks, dyed and unbleached boards, a variety of binding processes, and work by graphic design studios Pentagram, Inhouse, Maud and Believe In, amongst many others.

This post was published as a quick way to browse through BP&O’s content and gain access to older but equally interesting projects through different themes, and expands upon previous posts under the category The Best of BP&O. If you liked this check out The Best of BP&O – Brochures No. 1 & Brochures No.2, or subscribed to this series here.

Enea designed by Clase bcn

Enea brochure designed by Clase bcn

NIDA designed by Maud

NIDA brochure designed by graphic design studio Maud

The Art Of Grill designed by David Barath

Book cover for The Art Of Grill by David Barath

UAL designed by SPY

UAL prospectus by graphic design studio SPY

Blutopia designed by Inhouse

Blutopia book covers and layouts by graphic design studio Inhouse

The Mansion on Marylebone Lane designed by Pentagram

The Mansion on Marylebone Lane designed by Pentagram

Zuzunaga designed by Folch

Lookbook by Folch for fashion brand Zuzunaga

The Washington Post designed by Snask

The Washington Post illustrated by Snask

Life or Death designed by DIA

Life Or Death fabric cover and brand identity by DIA

David Ryle designed by S–T

Lookbook for photographer David Ryle by graphic design studio S–T

FS Silas designed by Believe In

Campaign booklet for FS Silas designed by Believe In

Virginia Hayward designed by Salad

Virginia Hayward brochure designed by Salad

VBMS designed by Dumbar

Spread for VBMS by Dumbar

Reel designed by Richards Partners

Reel brochure by graphic design studio Richards Partners

Marbella Club designed by Pentagram

Marbella Club brochure and box designed by Pentagram

NIDA designed by Maud

NIDA prospectus designed by Maud

ECC Milano 2015 designed by Inhouse

ECC Milano 2015 report designed by Inhouse