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BP&O Collections — Business Cards No.9

Opinion by Richard Baird Posted 28 August 2015

The Best of BP&O – Business Cards No.9

The ninth collection of business cards reviewed and published on BP&O. Between them, these highlight how colour, type, form and texture contrast, delivered through a combination of graphic design, material choice and print finish, contribute to a distinctive and communicative brand identity. As with earlier sets, this selection includes illustration, uncoated and coated boards, coloured papers, surface embosses and foils. Featured studios include Inhouse, Richards Partners, Spin and Mind Design.

This post was published as a quick way to browse through BP&O’s content and gain access to older but equally interesting projects through different themes, in this case business cards, and expands upon previous posts under the category The Best of BP&O. This series can be subscribed to here.

Reel designed by Richards Partners

Black block foiled business cards for production studio Reel designed by Richards Partners

South designed by South

Block foiled business cards for Auckland based graphic design business Studio South

Gripoix designed by Mind Design

Business cards with gold spot colour for jewellery business Gripoix by Mind Design

Life Or Death designed by DIA

Black board business cards with white ink for PR and management business Life Or Death by graphic design studio DIA

Nicholas Architects designed by Strategy
Diet business card for Nicholas Architects by Strategy Design

Smack Lobster Roll designed by &Smith

Illustrated business cards by &Smith for Smack Lobster Roll

Basement Theatre designed by Studio Alexander

Business cards with fluorescent ink detail for Basement Theatre by graphic design agency Studio Alexander

Biber designed by Spin

Business cards for Biber Architects designed by Spin

Bubu designed by Bob Design

Red edge painted business cards for Swiss binding specialist Bubu by Bob Design

Hidraulik designed by Huaman

Black board business cards for Hidraulik by graphic design studio Huaman

Iron Grill designed by End Of Work

Uncoated and unbleached business cards for fast food business Iron Grill by End Of Work

The Factory designed by Ghost

Gold edge painted business cards for The Factory by Oklahoma based graphic design studio Ghost

Virginia Hayward designed by Salad

Pastel coloured business cards for hamper company Virginia Hayward designed by Salad

Poseidon designed by Kokoro & Moi

Business cards for Poseidon designed by Kokoro and Moi

Wine Fandango designed by Moruba

Gold block foiled business cards for restaurant Wine Fandango designed by Moruba

Torafuku designed by Brief

Gold foiled business cards for modern pan Asian restaurant Torafuku designed by Brief

From Babies With Love designed by Paul Belford Ltd.

Business cards for From Babies With Love by Paul Belford Ltd

Christopher Elliott designed by Studio Brave

Business cards with gold foil edge detail created by Studio Brave for Australian interior designer Christopher Elliott

Ulju Mountain Film Festival designed by Studio fnt

Green block foiled business cards for Ulju Mountain Film Festival by Studio fnt