Pia Ulin Photography by The Studio, Sweden

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and letterpress stationery for Pia Ulin Photography by The Studio, Sweden

Pia Ulin is a Swedish photographer, working between New York and Stockholm, who has built a considerable reputation from her daylight-only approach. This is said to infuse her images, which cover interior, lifestyle and still life, with a warm and natural quality.

As well as producing editorial photography for publications such as Dwell, Martha Stewart and Elle Decoration, Pia has also contributed images to the books Monochrome Home, Colourful with Lotta Agaton and Kinfolk Home, and has worked for high profile brands such as H&M Home, Ikea, Williams Sonoma and Anthropologie.

Following a recent move to New York, Pia worked with Scandinavian graphic design company The Studio to develop a new brand identity and website that would compliment and reflect her aesthetic, and function as a clean backdrop for presenting work. This went on to also include letterpress business cards, stationery set, portfolio postcards and box.

Pia Ulin Photography

The Studio’s approach lives up to the well-established perceptions of Scandinavian simplicity with its type-only approach, lightness of colour and use of space. It broadens this out with the more international qualities of, and current favour for, Circular, which feels like an appropriate but very subtle nod to Pia’s move to New York.

Circular, while an increasing popular choice within the design community, has pleasant and unassuming character set, and benefits from some good typesetting in letter and line spacing. While largely neutral, proportion, within the context of the stationery, adds a little character and is perhaps the only real flourish.

Brand identity and letterpress business cards for Pia Ulin Photography by The Studio, Sweden

Good quality, uncoated and dyed boards and a letterpress print finish deliver a tactile quality and a necessary layer of detail to what is a reductive and restrained approach to graphic design, and a preference for continuity rather than variation or contrast. These choices, while not linked by a unique concept, are rooted in a desire to convey a sense of craft and Pia’s natural approach.

Brand identity and letterpress stationery for Pia Ulin Photography by The Studio, Sweden

Although the approach is familiar and thoroughly current, it subtly touches upon Pia’s move from Sweden to New York, and is well-pitched for a photographer where image is a far more compelling communicative tool and pleasing aesthetic asset.

Much like the stationery, which provides an uncluttered vehicle for communicating contact information, Pia Ulin Photography online, a responsive modular website with plenty of white space, is a modern, practical and functional canvas for presenting and focusing attention on her work. More from The Studio on BP&O.

Design: The Studio. Opinion: Richard Baird. Fonts Used: Circular.

Branding for Pia Ulin Photography by The Studio, Sweden

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Pia Ulin Photography

Pia Ulin Photography

Brand identity and website for Pia Ulin Photography by The Studio, Sweden

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Postcards for Pia Ulin Photography by The Studio, Sweden

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