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Studio Showcase: Bond

Opinion by Richard Baird Posted 23 April 2018

A continually updated gallery of graphic design work created by Bond reviewed and published on BP&O. Bond was founded in 2009 by Jesper Bange, Aleksi Hautamäki and Arttu Salovaara. They began with an office in Helsinki, expanding later to include offices in Abu Dhabi (2003) and London (2015), and this year (2018) opened their fourth office in the Estonian city of Tallin.

BP&O has been following and writing about Bond since 2012, finding their work to confidently move between the reductive and iconic and the rich and illustrative. Occasionally it can be austere and geometric or playful and organic in its form language, and while often visually diverse, projects typically share a strong singular idea expressed in an immediate and compelling manner.

Highlights include their graphic identity for Paulig Kulma, a coffee shop, roastery and barista institute in Helsinki. This stood out for the modular continuity that the studio established between an adaptable multi-functional space of moveable furniture, and a flexible system of graphic cubes and squares, and the way these interact in print and throughout the space.

Anton&Anton Kioski

Designed by Bond – Anton&Anton Kioski

Paulig Kulma

Designed by Bond – Paulig Kulma


Designed by Bond – PÜR

Well Coffee

Designed by Bond – Well Coffee

University of the Arts Helsinki

Designed by Bond – University of the Arts Helsinki

Heritage: A User’s Manual

Designed by Bond – Heritage: A User’s Manual


Designed by Bond – Roster

Allsorts Black & White

Designed by Bond – Allsorts Black & White

Eero Aarnio

Designed by Bond – Eero Aarnio

Art Rabbit

Designed by Bond – Art Rabbit

Moi Helsinki

Designed by Bond – Moi Helsinki

Coffee & Co.

Designed by Bond – Coffee & Co.

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra

Designed by Bond – Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra

Moomin Shop

Designed by Bond – Moomin Shop

Design Museum

Designed by Bond – Design Museum

Sushi & Co.

Designed by Bond – Sushi & Co.

Kape 24

Designed by Bond – Kape 24


Designed by Bond – Loupedeck


Designed by Bond – Moriarty