BP&O Collections — Business Cards No.14

Selected by Richard Baird.

The fourteenth collection of business cards. Each is part of a broader brand identity programme, reviewed and published on BP&O. Between them, these highlight how colour, type, form, layout and contrast, as well as material choice and print finish, contribute to a distinctive and expressive brand identity. This set covers dyed papers, embossed surfaces, foils, illustration and one example of thermography. Featured studios include Bunch, Bedow and Blok. Click through to get a sense of how these fit within a broader brand identity program and the communicative intentions that underpin aesthetic choices. Check out more at BP&O – Collections or subscribe to the series here.

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Someone Somewhere by Sociedad Anónima, Mexico

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Logo and packaging by Sociedad Anonima for Mexican clothing, bag and accessory brand Someone Somewhere

Someone Somewhere is a clothing and accessories brand. Each of its products are designed and made in Mexico by small communities of textile artisans. The social and cultural contexts that are the foundation of brand are expressed by its new visual identity, created by Mexico City-based graphic design studio Sociedad Anonima, through naming and a graphic device that calls out maker and origin.

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Erik Penser Bank Cookbook by Bedow, Sweden

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Cookbook Christmas gift by Bedow for Erik Penser Bank 2016

Erik Penser Bank provides its clients with independent financial advice and a high-level of personal service. While large banks do provide similar services, Erik Penser Bank is Sweden’s only dedicated private banking business.

Professionalism, experience and an individualised service practice is expressed throughout the bank’s visual identity, created by Bedow, in the personable and less corporate association and aesthetic qualities of a new monogram. This then informs some distinctive pictograms, is paired with a custom typeface and set across uncoated papers and boards.

Bedow continue to work with Erik Penser Bank, drawing its brand identity across a Christmas gift for the bank’s clients; a cookbook that holds eighteen recipes from the resident chef. Titled Matnyttiga råd, this is a limited edition 130×210 mm hardbound book of 32 pages with a green fabric cover and a white block foil print finish.

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