LogoArchive Issue 1 by BP&O

LogoArchive #1 – Logo design zine published by BP&O and designed by Richard Baird

This first edition of LogoArchive in print was conceived, designed and sent to the printers for quotation within a day. It was inspired by a panel discussion that took place the day before at Somerset House as part of the exhibition Print! Tearing It Up. Today’s zine format and the revival of the independent publishing spirit of the past is a provocation. It is an opportunity to further the practice of research, archival and dissemination beyond the book. A chance to investigate the potential of both individual object and its context within an ongoing project.

This first edition is a compact 10 pages printed on Colorplan Ebony 175gsm with eight passes of white and finished with black staples, it is a small first step but with ambitions to grow into a compelling and accessible series with each new zine marking its role within a continuum through the addition of an extra sheet (4pp). It is the first printed piece to fall under the BP&O publishing arm and hope our readers will get behind this.

UPDATE: LogoArchive #1 has sold out. Thanks to everyone who bought a copy, to those that have shared images on Twitter and Instagram, those that took copies for their shops, and to LogoDesignLoveDesign Week and Dezeen for writing articles about the project. I’m currently working on #2 and expect to have it ready early to mid-August.

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Buk Seoul Museum of Art 2018 Season by Studio fnt

Opinion by Richard Baird

Brochure design for Buk Seoul Museum of Art's 2018 season designed by Studio fnt

Buk Seoul Museum of Art is an art museum and park where art, community and nature coalesce. It promotes cultural activity and interaction and brought cultural spaces and facilities to the North-eastern part of Seoul where they were previously lacking. The museum is marked not only by its distinctive forms, designed by Samoo Architects & Engineers and completed in 2013, but in its interaction with the hill Nowon. The movement of people through and around built structure and natural park, and the dialogue and interaction between external structure of the museum and its shaping of natural landscape is captured in the museum’s 2018 season programme guide, designed by Studio fnt, through colour, form and imagery.

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FranklinTill by Commission

Opinion by Richard Baird

Logo, graphic identity and paper marquetry business cards and stationery by Commission for futures research agency FranklinTill

FranklinTill is a futures research agency working with lifestyle brands, design-orientated businesses and organisations in a variety of sectors to explore and implement design, material and colour innovation. Their services include conducting, analysing and communicating research and bringing this to life through strategic insights, publications and experiences.

FranklinTill’s clients essentially turn to them for insight into form, colour and material, and their innovative and sustainable outlook. This, in turn, informed the development of their new visual identity, created by London based Commission. This is characterised by a critical coalesce of form, colour and material composition that serve to link business cards, stationery set and pin badges. Online, colour and form is explored, absent the tactile qualities of print, through the abstraction and diffused quality of imagery.

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