Hermoso Cariño by La Tortillería, Mexico

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity, logotype and stickers for Mexican designer gift shop Hermoso Cariño by La Tortilleria, Mexico

Hermoso Cariño, a name taken from the title of a Mexican love song, is a gift shop with unique line of products. These are described as Mexican in the least expected way, leaning more towards the contemporary, but not forgetting tradition, and crafted by a new generation of designers. This is expressed throughout Hermoso Cariño’s brand identity, created by La Tortillería, through a mix of type, colour, material texture and print finish across tags, bags and stickers.

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The Best of BP&O — March 2016

Curated by Richard Baird.

  The Best of BP&O – March 2016

March’s highlights included Underline’s brand identity for Toronto’s Art Museum, BVD’s work for Skogsindustrierna, and Lobby’s illustrations for Stockholm restaurant Österlånggatan 17. However, there were five projects that stood out, and have made it into BP&O’s Best Of Series.

This feature brings together the most interesting, unexpected or unusual projects published on the site each month for another opportunity to be seen and shared. These typically balance a strong communicative concept with a compelling aesthetic that appropriately plays with material colour and texture, form, type, layout and print finish.

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LeMise by DIA, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and pastel coloured paper and coper block foil business cards for Brooklyn based art and design advisory business LeMise by DIA

LeMise is a Brooklyn based art and design advisory business, established by Andi Potamkin, described as being guided by the concept of mise­-en­-scene. LeMise considers the environment as a whole and works with its clients to bring together works of art and design, drawn from a vast network of designers and artists, to enhance space.

New York graphic design studio DIA worked with Andi to develop a visual identity for LeMise. This embodies Andi’s personality and eclectic taste, and expressed through characterful type, a warm and current colour palette of pastels and copper, a monogram and framing device across business cards, stationery and website.

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